New evidence complicates the boyfriend of a famous Chilean TV host with the smuggling of stolen jewelry and watches

After wiretapping, the link between Parived and jewelery smugglers and moneylenders is confirmed

The scenario is complicated Marco Antonio López Spagui, better known as Parived and husband of famed television host Tonka Tomicic. It was confirmed through wiretaps published by the newspaper Third that he had ties to jewelery smugglers and pawnbrokers.

The first details about his alleged involvement in an investigation for money laundering had come to light in August last year.

On May 13, 2019, the antiquarian and spiritual adviser, Parived contacted Domingo Jalil, a well-known moneylender who at that time was the target of a criminal investigation for the crime of smuggling luxury jewelry and watches. The phones tapped by the Asset Laundering Brigade (Brilac) of the Investigative Police (PDI) followed the conversation closely. Data emerges from it that immediately transformed Parived into a defendant in the investigation carried out by the Western High Complexity Prosecutor’s Office.

A police report sent to the prosecution details: “I have a well-rounded business, but I need 20 sticks. I am going to double the investment, I am going to pay you later, I am going to sell this ring, I am going to send you photos”Domingo Jalil told the lender by phone.

In addition, it became clear that the accused was aware of the origin of the articles, “while Domingo makes a call that is not answered, voices are heard in the background where people speak of Parived (incomprehensible phrases) and suddenly Domingo indicates: “Here is the Parived (…), he bought two choreos (sic) today”.

In the investigation file, which is led by the prosecutor Eduardo Baeza, more than once it is Parived himself who mentions the cheerleader, Tonka Tomicic, since to buy watches and jewelry that are offered to him by the accused Star Denmark, Domingo Jalil and Jaime Quiroz used the former model’s check book. There is also a trace of this in the wiretaps analyzed by the PDI.

For the purchase of jewelry Parived used the checks of the Chilean TV host, Tonka Tomicic
For the purchase of jewelry Parived used the checks of the Chilean TV host, Tonka Tomicic

On May 4, 2020, in another wiretap between López Spagui and another “financier”, Daniel Goñi called Parived and asked him “how do you have time to get together and see your debts like this, because you were tired of being called with the purpose of charging him because everyone finds it strange and unserious that he (Parived) does not pay what is owed”. Given this, López Spagui tells Goñi that he responds that “there is no cash, that there is no money and that everything must be reconciled.” The explanations continue and the antique dealer assures that he “is waiting for income, since due to the bad business he had with Cristián de la Fuente he had to use money that has not yet been deposited.”

After this, Parived contacts Goñi again, but to ask about messages that were reaching his wife Tonka Tomicic where they claim why their checks were protested.

The police document alludes to the conversation in which López points out “that it seemed quite strange to him that there is a very unpleasant guy who wrote to his wife and that he had three protested checks from her.” Goñi assured that he had no idea what was happening, since the checks that he had given him from Tomicic had already been deposited. “La Tonka got super nervous,” he tells her. Finally, according to what was transcribed in the judicial file, Parived called the person who was charging him and promised to pay them soon, because at that time they had no funds and for this he had to convince the lender of his liquidity, since it was six checks for $21 million.

The PDI makes a police assessment of the interception of the call: “It is possible to observe that López carries out various businesses, frequently using checks in the name of her spouse, Tonka Tomicic, showing concern because they would have contacted her directly to collect protested checks for business. related to the purchase and sale of watches, emphasizing that he is in charge of the business and the payments of those documents”.

According to the investigation, Marco Antonio López was not only dedicated to the purchase and sale of stolen watches but also used the sales to launder money, as stated in the investigation by the Investigative Police. He is currently being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for the crimes of buying and selling stolen species as well as money laundering.


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New evidence complicates the boyfriend of a famous Chilean TV host with the smuggling of stolen jewelry and watches