New blow to pirate IPTV: 4 people sentenced to 10 years in prison

Using IPTV to watch streaming content today is one of the most common options, but keep in mind that not all IPTV services are legal. Pirate IPTVs are attractive because they allow us to access paid content at a cheaper price, but they can also cause us many problems such as loss of money and that the authorities end up with our personal data, thus facing serious legal problems. Both the consumers of these services and those in charge of them risk being caught by the authorities. Blackmail, data theft, identity theft or simply that the quality of the service is poor or stops working at any time.

Sentenced for crimes against Sky and BT Sport

Three men and a woman from Hampshire, Essex and Norfolk in the United Kingdom will have to serve a 10-year prison sentence. This is how the Southampton Crown court has ruled following investigation by the Hampsire County Trading Standards Council and FACT. Assets have also been seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

for about 10 years MIKEY1234 has been involved in the development and distribution of software, including Kodi add-ons that facilitated access to copyrighted content. Forfeiture proceedings have already been launched against Michael Simmons, who received the harshest sentence, but no monetary amount has been made public. In the operation related to MIKEY 1234, it was discovered that those involved Keiran Collins, Amanda Collins and Robert Kurian had benefited from large sums of money that they have already been ordered to return practically in full.


Kieron Sharpexecutive director of FACT welcomes the convictions and ensures that “The individuals sentenced were involved in running a criminal enterprise that generated substantial profits without regard to the rights of content owners. FACT continues to go after those who operate illegal streaming services who risk criminal convictions and asset forfeiture.”.

Once again it has been very expensive for them to retransmit streaming content through a pirate IPTV. For their part, the authorities continue to work to shut down this type of illegal service and sentence all those who obtain an economic benefit by breaking the law with heavy fines and even jail time.

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New blow to pirate IPTV: 4 people sentenced to 10 years in prison