July 5, 2021

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New Amsterdam: specialist analyzed and revealed medical errors committed in the series

New Amsterdam specialist analyzed and revealed medical errors committed in

is a medical series that has managed to position itself as one of the most important in the entertainment industry and that has been well received in various countries. For this, the characters have had extensive training in health issues so that they can have basic knowledge regarding emergencies and patient care.

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Specialists consider that medical issues require an adequate preparation of years and although the actors may make an effort to learn basic details, it is not the same as the attention and intervention of a professional. Yes OK It is just a series that reflects everything that happens in a hospital or an operating room, the actors have tried to play a good role.

However, this successful production has not been without errors, because, although at all times it has been tried to graph the work of doctors and their techniques, there will always be a line between reality and fiction. Is so Rawdy Royals Rois, a Colombian medical student, who is also recognized for being very influential in social networks, analyzed the series and detected some errors.

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The Serie is based on Eric Manheimer’s chronicles called Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital.

There it can be seen that this health specialist, beyond developing various techniques, shows how each of his professionals is dedicated to defending and saving people’s lives and that this care reaches everyone.

For this reason, David Schulner, creator of the series, did not hesitate to make this project a reality, but without leaving aside scenes that are always seen in hospitals where people express their concern, joy or sadness at the moments they go through in a room of emergencies.


The controversial biopsy of Max Goodwin

The first chapters of the first seasons worried viewers, because after the diagnosis of cancer was known by protocol, they have to follow high-impact treatments and studies that put their health at risk. For this, a throat biopsy was chosen where they used a device called trucut and that according to Rois it was not maneuvered correctly.

It is not the conventional way to take a throat biopsy. More in-depth studies are required such as a nasosinuscopy and that was not appreciated on the screen, they stayed on the basics”, He expressed.

Basic hygiene and protection standards

In health matters it is evident that hygiene and protection are basic norms and that every professional must respect; However, in one of the scenes, Dr. Bloom decided to attend to a woman from Africa without any type of uniform or clothing. This despite the fact that the patient apparently had Ebola.

For the professional, this was an oversight because if the woman had the virus, it endangered the health of the doctor and the entire institution.

In that case it would be catastrophic, you would be putting your life at risk and health professionals know that we have to safeguard our lives to save the lives of other people“, he pointed.

Explanations not consistent with reality

In another of the episodes it can be seen that the emergency doctors receive a patient who apparently had sudden death, but luckily they managed to revive her. There the doctor Vijay Kapoor is in charge of explaining to the patient’s relatives the causes of what happened, ensuring that “the brain issued an order to the heart to stop beating”.

But for the health professional (Rois) this version does not have credibility because it does not usually happen and less in that order of ideas.

It’s very weird, I’ve never read anything about it. Let it stop beating for so long that it causes you to cause mortar rigor and mortor lividity, in reality it does not happen”, He indicated.


After the end of the third season of “”Is the United States, fans wonder when it will reach . But the new installment still has no release date on the streaming platform.

Normally, series from other channels are premiered in Netflix six months after they finish airing on their official sites, therefore, the new chapters of the medical drama could arrive in December 2021. In a worst-case scenario, fans will have to wait until 2022.

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