June 9, 2021

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‘New Amsterdam’ relives worst moment of pandemic in heartbreaking season 3 debut

1622598903 New Amsterdam relives worst moment of pandemic in heartbreaking season

The new installment will not be on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but will arrive exclusively on Fox Spain tomorrow, June 2 with a double premiere episode.

It doesn’t matter if you got hooked on New Amsterdam on its overwhelming arrival at Netflix or several months before the hand of Amazon Prime Video, season 3 will be able to be enjoyed very very soon by the hand of Fox Spain, what premieres the new episodes of medical fiction this Wednesday, June 2. The chain has confirmed that will make the first two chapters of the third installment available to viewers at 10 pm, while thereafter the broadcast will be weekly. Similarly, after the live broadcast, the episodes will be available on demand through the operators through which Fox Spain can be seen.

On the occasion of the expected premiere of the season 3 of New Amsterdam just around the corner, Fox Spain has given fans a clip with the first minutes of the first episode, a chapter completely marked by the Covid-19 epidemic thatIt forced season 2 to end early. You can see it on these lines, but we have to warn you that it is charged with emotion and will awaken emotions that we still have very recent.

As it was not surprising and like other series set in hospitals such as Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Doctor, season 3 of New Amsterdam has directly addressed the Covid-19 crisis that, now more than a year ago, came like a hurricane to change our lives forever. As in the hundreds of thousands of hospitals around the world, New Amsterdam Hospital and its workers were on the front lines of the pandemic and it touched them very deeply.

However, in addition to the Covid-19 crisis, the first episode of the new installment also brings the doctors of the hospital face to face with a plane crash that has crashed in the East River in New York.

5 things you can expect from season 3 of ‘New Amsterdam’, even if it’s late to arrive on Netflix

But not everything will be Covid and many are the things that happen in season 3 of New Amsterdam which is about to debut in our country. New doctors arrive at the hospital and others leave, while the relationship between Helen (Freema Agyeman) and Max (Ryan Egold) begins to become a possibility that has yet to be seen if it is real.

Remember: The new season of New Amsterdam It will arrive exclusively on FOX tomorrow, June 2 at 10:00 p.m., with a double premiere episode.

New Amsterdam relives worst moment of pandemic in heartbreaking season

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