‘New Amsterdam’: Max and Helen are pure passion in the new trailer for season 4

The new installment of fiction starring Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman opens on September 21 on the other side of the pond, but there is still no date in Spain.

The premiere of the season 4 of New Amsterdam is just around the corner and it seems that both the creators of the series and the network responsible for the series on the other side of the pond, NBC, are clear that one of the things that fans look forward to most in this new stage of medical fiction is to take up the love story of Max (Ryan Eggold) and Helen (Freema Agyeman). Thus, they have not hesitated dedicate to the newly released couple a promo of the most special and romantic that you can see on these lines.

At nearly two minutes long, the new trailer for season 4 of New Amsterdam it doesn’t go too far on the new episodes. Instead, it is a journey through history that loving doctors have starred in these three seasons of trajectory and that reached its peak in the last episode of the third installment when they ended up giving free rein to their passion and kissing in front of Helen’s door. After the summary, the promo provides just a few seconds of unpublished images of Max and Helen in season 4 and, although it is not much, it is the pFinal proof that they will be all passion, cuddles and caresses when we meet them again in the new episodes.

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As you will remember, the love story of max and helen It has been built very little by little over the course of the series, although many fans began to ‘ship’ them and fantasize that they would be together from the beginning. However, it was not until season 3 that the medical director of the New Amsterdam Hospital began to turn the page after the tragic death of his wife and that, despite Helen’s relationship with Cassian, they began to take steps forward. The final one in the last episode, when they ended up kissing and finally giving their followers what they wanted so much.

With the images that close the new advance we have no doubt that the couple will be in a very good time when the new chapters are released, but series creator David Schulner has previously warned TVLine that they still have a long way to go in their relationship because, after all, they don’t know each other.

[Max y Helen] They skipped a lot when they got to that door. They did not say anything during that walk they took together and there are many things that they have left unsaid. And I can guarantee you that the first thing they do when they close that door is not have a conversation. So there is a lot to solve

“The fans know a lot more about them than they know about each other, in terms of what Sharpe was doing in London. Max doesn’t know anything about that, about Mina, about her mother, about the clinic she used to work at. . There’s a lot they need to talk about before they can move on with each other, “warned Schulner.

But Max and Helen and how their relationship progresses will not be the only plot of the fourth season of New Amsterdam, that arrives loaded with news. The most important thing of all is that it will be uA dedication very marked by happiness and good vibes and by the passion that Max Goodwin puts into his work to provide the best healthcare to its patients, but it will also address interesting plots of the rest of the doctors of the New York hospital.

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There is still no date in Spain but NBC will premiere the fourth season next to the pond on September 21, 2021.

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