‘New Amsterdam’ closes its doors in season 5: it will be shorter and the final farewell of Max and Helen

The decision not to go ahead with New Amsterdam beyond its season 5 has not been revealed as well, although it appears it could be related to a ratings issue.

amsterdam He still has a future ahead of him, but he has already set a date for his outcome. The medical fiction starring Ryan Eggold, currently in full broadcast of its fourth installment, will definitively end with its season 5, which will also be the shortest of his entire career, as confirmed dead line and other means. The fifth installment of the series is the last fruit of the renewal for three more seasons carried out by NBC in 2020 after the absolute success of the second, but it seems that both the network and the team are clear that they do not want to prolong the story indefinitely. and that the doors of the oldest hospital in New York must be closed sooner rather than later.

The fifth season of amsterdam It will also be the shortest. As has been advanced, the installment that NBC will premiere, predictably, next fall will consist of only 13 episodes, one more than the third, which was already inevitably shortened as a result of the Coronavirus crisis.

The decision not to go ahead with amsterdam beyond its season 5 has not been revealed and, although it seems that it could be related to an audience issue. The current fourth season is scoring 6.2 million viewers on average in its broadcast on the other side of the pond, which represents a clear decrease compared to its third installment and, of the eleven dramatic fictions that currently make up the grid of the American chain , is only in the eighth place.

They are not catastrophic data, far from it, but it is clear that as time has passed the spectators who surrendered at the feet of the dynamics inside the corridors of the New Amsterdam Hospital have been relaxing a bit. Thus, although NBC has not confirmed that this is the reason, it has decided to limit itself to producing the five seasons already ordered and set the end of the series in the not too distant future.

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“The story of Max Goodwin and his relentless commitment to the patients of the New Amsterdam has been inspiring,” said Lisa Katz, president of programming for NBCUniversal Television & Streaming, in a statement confirming the series’ outcome. “We are very grateful to [los productores ejecutivos] David Schulner, Peter Horton and our cast and crew for their incredible dedication, talent and collaboration.”

For her part, the president of Universal Television Erin Underhill also gave him some praise: “When I first read the script for the pilot of amsterdamI knew we had a winner. Over the past four seasons, David, Peter and our incredible cast have tackled important and thought-provoking stories that have touched on the human condition, but also made us laugh and fill us with hope.”

Released last September and, for the first time since the first installment, with 22 episodes to go, the fourth season of New Amsterdam has given us the love story that we all expected, but it has also made us suffer with the new dynamics that they are in charge of running the hospital without Max Goodwin at the helm. Now it is in full break, but the final stretch of 7 episodes that will put the finishing touch to the fourth installment promises to be very intense and lay the foundations for a fifth that relaxes knowing in advance that it will be the last, since its creator David Schulner has the information you need to build the best ending.

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‘New Amsterdam’ closes its doors in season 5: it will be shorter and the final farewell of Max and Helen