‘New Amsterdam’ bets on the unthinkable for the end of its season 3

NBC’s medical fiction is assured of a fourth and a fifth installment. What to expect from the outcome of the third? Five ‘cliffhangers’ and a timeskip. Fox Spain premieres it exclusively on June 2.

New Amsterdam bets on the unthinkable for the end of

While in Spain the days are counted for the exclusive premiere of the season 3 of New Amsterdam, its broadcast across the pond from its original network NBC is nearing its end. And if the outcome of the second installment was unexpected and hasty due to the coronavirus crisis that forced the industry to paralyze, it seems that the ‘showrunner’ David Schulner He has opted to make up for himself by creating an unforgettable ending to the current season.

The end of season 3 of New Amsterdam It will be broadcast on the other side of the pond on June 8 and the creator of the series has promised in statements to TVLine what will be a chapter “completely different from those we have seen before” and that, above all, will allow us to travel to the future. As you read it.

Something we have never done. And it sets a little bit in the future

As explained by a cautious Schulner who does not want to reveal too much about the most special chapter of the series, it will experience a “small time jump” and, in addition, some scenes “don’t even take place at the New Amsterdam Hospital”. Likewise, we can count an ending in ‘cliffhanger’ and even something else, because the ‘showrunner’ has advanced that, By not being able to do what he had prepared in the second season, in this one he will bet heavily on a heart attack ending:

In season 1 we had the ambulance accident. Season 2 was shortened by COVID, so there was no cliffhanger. So with season 3 we’re going for it. We are not exaggerating. I’d say there are five ‘cliffhangers’ this year

Not wanting to reveal too much, Schulner has put the expectations about the end of season 3 skyrocketing. However, even if we spend the summer waiting for the premiere of season 4 of New AmsterdamAt least we do it with the certainty that medical fiction has its future assured at least until its fifth installment.

In Spain you can already see the first two seasons in full in Amazon Prime Video Y Netflix, while Fox Spain recently announced that it would premiere the long-awaited season 3 exclusively in our country on June 2 at 10 p.m. After its broadcast on the network’s grill, the episode can be enjoyed on demand.