Netflix: series premieres in May 2022

This is a month of goodbyes in Netflix. That extraordinary Argentine fiction that is the fringe comes to an end, like the successful Mexican production, Who killed Sarah? On the other hand, stranger things returns with one of its most ambitious seasons to date, while new thrillers land on the platform to raise the adrenaline.

These are the main series coming to Netflix in May:

the fringe

The time has come to say goodbye to one of the best national fictions of recent years. the fringe lower the blinds this month with its fifth season and Netflix anticipates what can be seen in its final episodes. “Miguel seeks to redeem himself behind bars, Diosito faces the outside world, and a cult could be the ruin of Puente Viejo,” revealed the streaming platform on the backbone of his story.

In the trailer that was released a few days you could see the escape of Diosito (Nicolas Furtado) and the police operation that is deployed to catch him, as well as images of what happens inside the prison where Pastor (Juan Minujin) He is in a holding cell. “The true punishment is not in the body, but in the soul,” the protagonist is heard saying. On the other hand, a Mario Borges (Claudio Rissi) fed up in the middle of the uprising in prison, he gives clues that everything can get complicated.

“Borges is a leading character by nature, and wherever he arrives he looks for the place to assert himself and sit on the throne, to be in control of everything. Thus, with all the years he has been in prison, when he arrives at Puente Viejo he has to start all over again, but the enemies are getting worse,” Rissi advanced in dialogue with THE NATION. The series will focus, in its final chapters, on the course of Borges, Diosito and Pastor in this raw and fascinating story. Available from May 4.

welcome to eden
welcome to edenNetflix

Much of the Netflix catalog is made up of Spanish thrillers that became, over the seasons, audience favorites. Added to these productions is the brand new Welcome to Eden, the new fiction by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López starring Amaia Aberasturi, Amaia Salamanca, Ana Mena, Guillermo Pfening, Belinda and Albert Baró. “A group of young people attend an exclusive party on a remote island. But what awaits them there is far from paradisiacal”, is the premise of the series, whose action begins when Zoa (Aberasturi) and a group of friends, all of them with a great presence in social networks, are invited to a celebration on a secret island.

After being summoned with a question that mobilizes them – “Are you happy?” -, the young people accept what promises to be a time of relaxation and exciting adventures that shake up their daily lives. Nevertheless, being a thriller, friends will soon notice that not everything is what it seems in this idyllic setting and they will look for a way to answer various questions that will be presented to them. Available from May 6.

42 days in the dark
42 days in the darkNetflix

One of the new additions to the streaming platform in May is another production anchored in suspense. Is about 42 days in the dark, nothing less than the first original Chilean Netflix series, which has Claudia Huaiquimilla and Gaspar Antillo as directors. The actress Claudia Di Girolamo plays Cecilia Montes, a woman who must combat the negligence of the State and avoid the attention of the press when her sister Verónica (Aline Kuppenheim) disappears, in a strange episode happened in your home.

The Netflix fiction is inspired by a real event that occurred twelve years ago in the Chilean city of Puerto Varas, located in the province of Llanquihue or Los Lagos Region, when a woman suddenly stopped showing signs of life, which caused a very long investigation with many obstacles along the way.

42 days in the dark has the production of the brothers Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín, which gives you great support. Gloria Münchmeyer, Pablo Macaya, Daniel Alcaíno, Amparo Noguera, and Néstor Cantillana are also part of the cast. Available from May 11.

Lincoln's Lawyer
Lincoln’s LawyerNetflix

Based on the popular novels by Michael Connelly, the new Netflix series puts the magnifying glass “on an iconoclastic idealist who practices law from the back seat of his Lincoln.” The story is familiar because a film adaptation of Connelly’s work has already been made, starring Matthew McConaughey in 2011 and directed by Brad Furman. In this casewho puts himself in the shoes of Mickey Haller is the Mexican Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, and the production has the seal of David E. Kelley, who in April delivered another of his addictive fictions, the successful Anatomy of a scandal. Also, Ted Humphrey officiates as showrunner.

The first season of the 10-episode fiction is based on the second book of the saga titled The verdict, focused on how the lawyer must defend a Hollywood producer accused of the femicide of his wife and the murder of the woman’s lover. “Manuel is the ideal Mickey Haller, he brings a powerful dynamic and dimension to the role, one that fits the books and will give the series the opportunity to celebrate the heritage and Latino roots of this story set in Los Angeles,” he said. the author of the novels. Neve Campbell, Becki Newton and Jazz Raycole complete the cast of this captivating series. Available from May 13.

Who killed Sarah?
Who killed Sarah?Netflix

One of the most successful Mexican productions on the streaming platform, Who killed Sarah? reaches its inescapable outcome and this is how Netflix reported it:In the final season, enemies become allies and Alex gets an answer to the question that has haunted him for years: what happened to Sara?”. José Ignacio Valenzuela’s series premiered on the platform on March 24, 2021 and was one of the most demanded titles by subscribers. its protagonist, Manolo Cardona, had synthesized the appeal of fiction in an interview. “It is a loaded, explosive, addictive series. But the most important thing for the viewer is that he will receive answers to all the questions that have been asked, ”said the interpreter about the already famous whodunit. Available from May 18.

stranger things
stranger thingsCourtesy of Netflix

The Duffer Brothers series is back. Stranger Things, one of the workhorses of the streaming platform, premieres the first part of its penultimate season, while the second will arrive in July. As for what will be shown in this return, we will find the throes of the division that occurred between the friends, who were forced to take different paths.

Luke (Caleb McLaughlin) will become a very popular figure within the basketball team, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) joined the Hellfire Club, an advanced Dungeons and Dragons game at Hawkins High, Max (SadieSink) is in full mourning over Bill’s death; And Will (Noah Schnapp) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) they seek to start their link from scratch. As for Hopper (David Harbour), we know that he is trying to survive in a Russian prison, while Joyce (Winona Ryder) receives a package that sets one of the stories in motion.

“I think they will be happy when they see what is coming. The season is very, very long, so it’s taking us a long time.” Ross Duffer had expressed months ago, when he also remarked how impressed he was by the readings that fans make of the future of history. “I am constantly amazed at how sharp the fans are and how quickly they are able to put something together with very little information,” said the co-creator of one of the most important fictions on the platform. Available from May 27.

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Netflix: series premieres in May 2022