Netflix premieres in June 2021: 80 original series, films and documentaries

Children-deer, volcanoes that torment an Icelandic people and the whole of humanity (except one) without being able to sleep are some of the very strange phenomena that Netflix proposes to us to spend the month of June. We have reviewed its programming and these are some of the recommendations that we culled from its huge list of 80 new items for this month.

Catalog of new series in Spain

‘Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy’

A curious dystopian fantasy series produced by Robert Downey Jr. and adapted from one of the most popular comics by screenwriter Jeff Lemire. In eight episodes we will be told how After a natural cataclysm, hybrids appear (babies with animal characteristics) that begin to be hunted By humans. The protagonist, Goloso, is a half-deer kid who goes on an adventure in search of his origins. Jim Mickle, whom we remember from the fantastic ‘Cold in July’, is responsible for this adaptation.


The director of ‘Everest’ and the showrunner from the excellent Nordic thriller ‘Trapped’ use Icelandic landscapes to tell a story of Eight-episode mystery that starts when subglacial volcano Katla erupts. In the small town of Vik, the inhabitants react in very strange ways and inexplicable behaviors and strange phenomena begin to occur. Volcanic science and dark fantasy come together in an enigmatic series full of suggestive images.

Premiere movies on Netflix

Happy day of your death

If the concept “Groundhog Day in a movie by serial killers“You find it appealing, you can’t miss ‘Happy Dying Day’, an unexpected twist from the usually more solemn Blumhouse (producer of modern haunted house horror renovations like ‘The Warren File’) to parody. Here, A teenage girl is forced to relive her own murder over and over again … until she solves it.


The variant of post-apocalyptic movies in which humans cannot do things (see, make noise …) acquires a turn towards extreme corporal punishment in ‘Disomnia’, where humanity loses the ability to sleep, unleashing the chaos that the lack of soil entails. Only a girl, mysteriously, can do it, and it may be in this strange condition that the secret to saving the world is found.

All Netflix movies in June

  • ‘The blue lake’ (01/06)
  • ‘Honey’ (01/06)
  • ‘Carnival’ (02/06)
  • ‘Infinite as space’ (02/06)
  • ‘Prima Che La Notte’ (02/06)
  • ‘Her name is Doña Rosa’ (02/06)
  • ‘Whoever is free from sin’ (02/06)
  • ‘You don’t play with the stars’ (02/06)
  • ‘Nour’ (02/06)
  • ‘Fight for us’ (02/06)
  • ‘A freed wife’ (02/06)
  • ‘Maly Jakub’ (02/06)
  • ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal’ (03/06)
  • ‘Dancing Queens’ (03/06)
  • ‘Sweet and sour’ (04/06)
  • ‘Xtremo’ (04/06)
  • ‘The Kandasamy: The journey’ (04/06)
  • ‘A Ghost Story‘(07/06)
  • ‘Happy death day’ (07/06)
  • ‘Tragic jungle’ (06/09)
  • ‘Dysomnia’ (06/09)
  • ‘Dans tes rêves’ (09/06)
  • ‘Camping à la Ferme’ (09/06)
  • ‘Laisse tes Mains sour mes Hanches’ (09/06)
  • ‘La Tour Montparnasse Infernale’ (09/06)
  • ‘Du Jour au Lendemain’ (09/06)
  • ‘Un Air de Famille’ (09/06)
  • ‘Les freres Petard’ (09/06)
  • ‘Pedale Douce’ (09/06)
  • ‘Les Acteurs’ (09/06)
  • ‘Restons Groupés’ (09/06)
  • ‘Chouchou’ (06/09)
  • ‘Stupeur et Temblements’ (09/06)
  • ‘Rainy day in New York’ (06/11)
  • ‘The Skater’ (11/06)
  • ‘The dragon of wishes’ (11/06)
  • ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ (06/13)
  • ‘The house of terror’ (15/06)
  • ‘Kidnapped: The truth about Lisa McVey’ (06/15)
  • ‘Being a father’ (06/18)
  • ‘The House of Flowers: The Movie’ (06/23)
  • ‘Daggers in the back’ (06/29)

Documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix

‘Black Holes: The Frontier of Human Knowledge

Screenshot 2021 05 27 To S 16 55 06

A documentary that explores one of the many phenomena that physics and astronomy have identified but are still studying: black holes. From the hands of experts in the field who have spent decades examining the incredible phenomena that are unleashed within, and with a visual work that helps us understand their magnitude, this documentary tries to clarify many of the enigmas they offer.

All Netflix Documentaries and Comedy Specials for June

  • ‘Black holes: The frontier of human knowledge’ (01/06)
  • ‘Rich Women in Atlanta’ S3-4 (01/06)
  • ‘Married to Medicine: Atlanta’: S2 (01/06)
  • ‘Elvis Presley: Tireless Seeker’ (01/06)
  • ‘Married to medicine’ (01/06)
  • ‘Vivere’ (02/06)
  • ‘Jan Twardowski: the poet priest’ (02/06)
  • ‘Alan Saldaña: ​​Imprisoned’ (03/06)
  • ‘Inside the human body’ (04/06)
  • ‘The limits of our planet: A scientific look’ (04/06)
  • ‘Why we adore cats’ (05/06)
  • ‘Fried, fresh and crispy’ (09/06)
  • ‘Locombianos’ (10/06)
  • ‘Headspace: Relax your mind’ (06/15)
  • ‘Colony Penguin’ (06/16)
  • ‘This is Pop’ (06/22)
  • ‘Playing with fire’ T2 (06/23)