Netflix: Is Alba a true story?


Elena Rivera, Eric Masip and Álvaro Rico star in the dramatic miniseries that is trending in streaming. Here we tell you if the Netflix story really happened.

Alba, the miniseries starring Elena Rivera.
© IMDbAlba, the miniseries starring Elena Rivera.

The miniseries They are the best option when you don’t have much time but want to see a story that is as compelling as it is captivating. Y Netflix it never fails: in its catalogue, it offers endless productions of all genres. But among all of them, one managed to stand out above the rest, positioning itself as the most viewed in recent days. Is about Sunrisean emotional, dramatic, romantic and crude Spanish fiction at the same time.

The series, which is ranked 1st among the most viewed, actually premiered in March 2021. Being produced by Boomerang TV and Atresmedia Televisión, it was first released on Atresplayer Premium, then on Antena 3 and finally on Netflix. . Since then, subscribers to the platform have been more than interested in this story created by Carlos Martin and Ignasi Rubio.

What is it about Sunrise? the series of 13 episodes of approximately 50 minutes revolves around a woman named Alba Llorens. This young woman wakes up on a beach with signs of having been raped, although she does not remember very well what happened at the party the night before. Her time will show him that her aggressors are nothing more than her boyfriend’s friends and that she will have to go through a difficult situation on an emotional level.

One of the last booms without a doubt is the so-called true crime, the genre that follows true crime stories and takes on characters that actually existed. Examples on Netflix could be The Girl in the Picture, Tiger King, The Tinder Scammer either The Staricase. This is why a good part of the audience suspected that Alba could be based on real events. The truth is that it is fiction and nothing that the streaming series shows really happened.

However, it is worth clarifying that the production is an adaptation of Turkish fiction -composed of 80 chapters- which was titled as Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?although in Spanish it is known as What is Fatmagül’s fault? In turn, this was based on the 1976 novel of the same name published by Vedat Türkali and which was made into a film for the first time in 1986. In conclusion, Sunrise It is the third screen adaptation of this plot, but it takes a format as current and captivating as the one Netflix is ​​used to.

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Netflix: Is Alba a true story?