Netflix: How 1899 Was Born


The new series from the creators of DarkBaran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese, will hit the platform on November 17.

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In less than a week, and two years after Dark has finished, Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese will present a new series in Netflix. Is about 1899a mystery and suspense fiction that will launch its first complete installment next Thursday, November 17, with a total of eight parts that will shape this initial season and that it is speculated that it lays the foundations for us to see, at least, one more delivery.

The story of 1899 revolves around a ship that mysteriously disappears in international waters, the Prometheuswhich is found by another ship, the cerberus, which transports immigrants from London to New York. Finding this lost ship, the captain will have the difficult task of choosing to assist her or continue on her course. Of course, we will see that he will lean towards the first option and start this journey of mysteries.

In an interview broadcast by Netflixthe creators of 1899 told how the conception of the idea for this production was. “We had this idea quite a while ago. The original inspiration was a photo we found a few years ago. In the photo there is a man in his underwear, on the deck of an old ship and holding a bloody hammer in his hands ”revealed Baran Bo Odarwhich completed: “That immediately sparked something in us.”.

What was it that made you think of that peculiar photo? in the idea of ​​counting “a story about immigrants”. This connects a lot with the family of Baran Bo Odarwho noted that his own family “He always traveled all over the world and never settled down” nowhere. This is how the idea of ​​thinking of a story in which migration was also crossed by language barriers was born, since not only nine different languages ​​are spoken in the new series of Netflix but also most of the crew members do not understand each other.

+Brexit, a great influence of 1899

In addition to the photo mentioned by Baran Bo Odarthere was another aspect that aroused interest in Jantje Friese to write 1899: Brexit. As revealed by the story’s writer, “it felt as if Europe was weakening, as if the idea of ​​a united Europe was at stake”. In this context, he added: “We wanted to tell a story about Europe, about the ideas and problems that we are facing right now. And we wanted to do it the way we do it best: through an exciting, dark, intense, action-packed, twist-packed mystery.”.

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Netflix: How 1899 Was Born