Netflix cancels ‘Narcos: Mexico’ after only three seasons

After five seasons and two decades of stories starring a range of drug lords; ‘Narcos’ puts an end to his career.

The successful franchise of Netflix, which restarted with ‘Narcos: Mexico’ in 2018, it moved from the Colombia from the 90s to Mexico to track the next threat in the global war on drugs after the death of Pablo Escobar (interpreted by Wagner Moura).

‘Narcos: Mexico’ set out to explore the origins of the modern war on drug trafficking by going back to the Mexico City in 1980, to chart the rise and fall of the Guadalajara Cartel and Felix gallardo (interpreted by Diego Luna).

The two-season arc captured an era, under the command of Gallardo, in which the Mexican narco world was a loosely defined confederation of independent growers and traffickers.

Nevertheless, Gallardo He changed all that by developing a system of seats that would end up giving rise to the cartels that would compete for power after his arrest and until today, as reflected in the third season: Juárez, Tijuana and Sinaloa.

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Currently, the third season of ‘Narcos: Mexico’, starring Amado Carrillo Fuentes (Jose Maria Yazpik); Brothers Arellano Felix (Alfonso Dosal, Manuel Masalva, Mayra Hermosillo) and Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán (Alejandro Edda), focuses on the emerging bosses of the cartels who took the place of Gallardo.

However, even though it has remained in the Top 10 of the most seen in Mexico, this will be the last race of the franchise of Netflix. The reason? The creators claim to have told everything they wanted to tell, and there is no desire to repeat themselves.

Talking with The Hollywood Reporter, the co-creator and producer Carlo Bernard, said:

I saw this season as an origin story of the modern world we live in. To me, it seemed to me that taking the series to that point where we now recognize each other, for better or for worse, made sense as a place to stop it.. The series has been able to raise the curtains and show how this started, how it evolved. It is not to say that other stories are not compelling in the future. But for me, stopping at the moment in which we have given up the world we live in today made sense, thematically and narratively.

We definitely don’t want to repeat ourselves, ever.

Via THR.

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And although there will be no more stories of ‘Narcos’ as such, that does not mean that Netflix has lost interest in the turbulent drug trafficking issue.

The company’s next limited series, still untitled, will focus on Griselda Blanco, the Colombian queen of cocaine trafficking in the eighties, whose skin will be incarnated by the very Sofia Vergara.

The original team of ‘Narcos’ is involved in its production, although the platform ensures that it is not any spin off or project derived from your previous success.

The last season of ‘Narcos: Mexico’ is already streaming in Netflix.

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Netflix cancels ‘Narcos: Mexico’ after only three seasons