Netflix and Mattel celebrate the launch of ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2’

He-Man come back through the big door as we mentioned in Vandal Random. We talk about Msters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2, the long-awaited animated series that will premiere globally on Netflix next November 23 and to conclude the arc started by Revelation a few months ago. Created by Kevin Smith y Mattel TVThe second batch of episodes will include more villains and heroes from the toy line revered by millions of people, more action and spectacular moments. We tell you everything.

The continuation of a television phenomenon

Following the success of the first five chapters, under the direction of filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks), which left Skeletor with the sword of power turning into Skelegod, comes the second part with new stories and the conclusion of the plot of a series that aims to revive the eighties creation of Mattel for new generations. Conceived as one of the first transmedia products in history, Masters of the Universe presented toys, cartoon series, books and comics, cultural products that marked a generation of children and are now returning. Today those children become the parents of the new followers of Msters of the Universe and in guides of a fantasy and science fiction world full of great deeds and memorable characters.

He-Man Savage forcefully come to this conclusion that promises to be very pica

In this final part Wild He-Man go into action. The story, they explain to us from Mattel TV, narrate the implications of the power unleashed within Grayskull, a very dangerous combination to be commented on in Adam’s rage and He-Man’s unbridled strength that without his Sword of Power he will not be able to control his forces. A real explosive cocktail. This new version of our hero makes your friends wonder if Adam is truly present within that transformed beast that rampages Eternia. “Fortunately, deep down, Adam possesses an innate compassion, humility, and kindness that rivals Grayskull’s own power.”, they comment from the manufacturer, that you will have new figures to accompany the launch of the series.

Masters Universe Figures

“We are very proud to continue offering this type of content to fans of Masters of the Universe. With this type of content, Mattel continues to bet on offering consumers new ways to experience and learn about their favorite brands, “he explained. Cline Ricaud, Head of Marketing & Digital for Mattel Spain and Portugal. New additions to the collection include characters such as Teela, Man at Arms, Beast Man or Spikor that are already available in most toy makers and specialty stores.

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Netflix and Mattel celebrate the launch of ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2’