Nacho Goano got into the controversy between Eduardo De la Puente and Mario Pergolini: “They were almost even”

After the harsh statements of Eduardo de la Puente against Mario Pergolini on the podcast Burn a patrol carby the journalist Gustavo Olmedo, Nacho Goano – former member of the remembered Fall Who Falls (CQC)– Opinion on that dispute.

After recounting what the relationship between the two drivers was like at that time, the journalist assured not having felt cheated by Pergolini, although he did acknowledge being angry when he had to leave Rock & Pop FM.

“I knew them as almost peers, I caught the whole period where they both grow up in Which and in CQC”, Nacho Goano recalled in a note with Intruders in the Showon America TV.

And immediately he noticed that, at that time, jealousy occurred more among the noteros than among the leading trio, made up of De La Puente, Pergolini and Juan Di Natale. “There was pouting among the noteros but it was logical. When Andy (Kusnetzoff) stands out, there is a moment where he becomes the ace of spades of the noteros, like Juan also at the time of him and Daniel [Malnatti] in another,” he said.

After assuring that Eduardo de la Puente’s statements did not surprise him, the journalist said: “I don’t know if Eduardo speaks with an open wound. In one of those he talks about a scar. I noticed him upset too and I know he’s upset. The program he does with Juan in Rock pop is named Do not come back; a name dedicated to Mario”.

While clarifying that he does not have a fight with Mario Pergolini at present nor did he feel disappointed, Goano acknowledged that he was angry when he had to leave Which because “the situation did not give”. Regarding Di Natale’s anger; the other co-host of both cycles, said: “Juan I understand that for some matter of Fall and some friction arising from when Mario directed Rock pop and Juan had his program there”, he finished without giving more details.

Nacho Goano affirmed that unlike Eduardo de la Puente, he did not feel “defrauded” by Pergolini

Former friends is the least that can be said today about Eduardo De la Puente and Mario Pergoliniwho for years shared the conduction of the cycles Whichon radio, and CQC, in TV. A few days ago, De La Puente spoke on Gustavo Olmedo’s program (another former Rock&Pop) entitled Burn a patrol car and left very strong phrases about his current relationship with the businessman and creator of Vorterix.

At the time of remembering those years, he recounted without mincing words: “He was great. We were in our twenties, the market hit us like a phenomenon, we had all the rock and roll on us. We were doing something we liked, we were doing it right, we were breaking the mold of radio every day, Without us realizing. It was all very up, very funny, very enjoyable. Over time, unfortunately, what he always was emerged. That is why I also learned the difference between what a son of a thousand p is… and what an entrepreneur is, ”he said.

Eduardo de la Puente, very tough against Mario Pergolini
Eduardo de la Puente, very tough against Mario PergoliniFile, Archive

Before the attentive gaze of the members of the podcast, the journalist explained: “The son of a thousand p… if he wants to screw you, he will screw you and it is personal, it is that he has something personal with you. The entrepreneur is the one who does not take you into account, to whom you are not functional to his projects, wishes or whatever and that’s it”.

In addition to telling that when the format of CQC (a project that emerged in a “round of drinks between five friends”, among whom he was, like Juan Di Natale) was sold abroad, they did not see any of those profits. “When CQC it is sold to a lot of countries, Juan and I do not see a weight of all that. When merchandising, neither. It’s okay, I was an asshole who signed that, but what is the guy who writes that contract that leaves me out of something that I invented?”, he asked with some irony.

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Nacho Goano got into the controversy between Eduardo De la Puente and Mario Pergolini: “They were almost even”