June 11, 2021

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“My health comes first” From the hospital, actor sends a message to his fans

My health comes first From the hospital actor sends a

The actor, Emilio Osorio, was hospitalized and the announcement caused a stir on social networks after the “son of Niurka Marcos and Juan Osorio” made it known to his followers in a very mysterious way.

Emilio Osorio, who has followed in the footsteps of his parents in the world of show business, shared a tweet as a self-reminder wearing a hospital gown, the actor from “What happens to my family?“Lució appears wearing a hospital gown.

The son of the “Cuban singer“He looked visibly tired and in low spirits, which further alerted his followers.

It was the father of the 18-year-old, Juan Osorio, who would have shared an image where medical devices could be seen with a confusing message in which he implied that something serious had happened.

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Moments later, the young actor reiterated that he is in better health and also assured that he preferred to keep the details of his hospitalization secret, adding in the same tweet.

Peace of mind, everything is fine now. I’m not going to go into detail, I just want to upload this to remind myself that my health always comes first and that the only people who are always there are your family, the one you were born with and the one you became. I send you a lot of love. Thanks ma and dad.

The son of the so-called “The Emperor” appears in a photograph sending a greeting to his followers while he appears reclining on a hospital bed.

For his part, it was the producer Juan Osorio who wrote a message for his son from the hospital, where he thanked his fans for all their support, wrote the former Niurka Marcos.

Sometimes the nights are very long, how one values ​​life and health !! Thanks for your band support !!, wrote the television producer. Through your Twitter account

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It should be said that the fans of the actor, who gave life to Aristóteles Córcega in “My husband has a family”, and also acted in “Together, the heart is never wrong”, took time to wish him a very speedy recovery and immediately what They filled with positive messages thanking him for sharing about his health.

So far, Niurka Marcos herself has not spoken about it, which has surprised her fans on social networks since the star is not ashamed to share certain things on the network, although on the other hand she takes care and defends her a lot family.

So possibly, she has chosen to keep this private, although this has not prevented her from being questioned on social networks about it.

On the contrary, his son, Emilio Osorio has been more open as on other occasions such as the moment when he revealed in a similar way that he was infected with Covid-19.

At that moment he revealed it to his fans and through the social network he shared and reassured his followers about the seriousness of his asymptomatic picture.

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His gesture of sincerity was highly praised by his fans who thanked the son of the Mexican producer and the Cuban singer, who on this occasion, decided not to reveal more details, which has given rise to certain speculations that his health would have something to do again. to do with the virus, which could have attacked him more severely this time.