Movistar will add a new channel and improve the quality of Movistar +

Movistar Tolkien has been the channel that has been occupying the dial 23 of Movistar + to date. This, launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first film directed by Peter Jackson, has been broadcasting from May 10 to May 23 all the films of The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, in addition to documentaries. This channel will now give way to a new temporary channel that will begin broadcasting next Wednesday.

New Movistar VHS channel

As we have already told you, the first novelty will be related to the new channel located on dial 23. This one is already broadcasting in tests with a promotional loop that tells us:

“Very soon we will be in Play

Movistar VHS. Rewind 90

From June 3 to 20

Dial 23 “

New Movistar VHS channel

All with an aesthetic of that decade and that “quality” offered by the films in VHS format. This channel will come to support the launch of a new original series from Movistar as it is Paradise. We have not yet confirmed the content of the channel, but we know that it will broadcast the best films of that decade that has given us some titles for history.

Better quality on demand and more 4K

The second of the novelties is related to Movistar’s on-demand content, also known as VOD. This is the complement to linear channels that allows customers to choose what they want to watch at any time. Therefore, they have reached an agreement with MediaKind to use their Aquila On-Demand solution that will allow them to offer a better Movistar + experience.

We have asked the company for more details and they have confirmed that, for now, it represents a content quality improvement on demand, in addition to helping prepare the platform to face upcoming encoding technologies with which better quality will be obtained.

From the press release presenting the agreement, we are satisfied that this solution will allow Movistar + to benefit from “Premium video with 4k quality”plus a “big performance improvement.” We will closely monitor the implementation of this solution to see the real scope and benefit for the customer.