Mourning sports journalism: Alex Risi passed away

2022 began with bad news for sports journalism. The experienced journalist .

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The man of the press prolonged a vast career in sports journalism, passing his professionalism through important radio stations and television channels such as Frequency Latina, TV Peru and Radio Ovación. His most recent work center was the sports program on the UCI Noticias channel.

The news of his sensitive death was spread on social networks by some colleagues who worked with him very closely. “Close friends of colleague Alex Risi, report his passing. Condolences to his relatives. The sports journalist worked for more than thirty years on television and radio “, published Juan Carlos Esteves.

For his part, Sammy Sadovnik recalled the moments he lived working with Risi. “I am very sorry for the premature game of my dear Alex Risi, colleague, but about a friend with whom we shared several years on Channel 2 with multiple national and international broadcasts, in addition to the sports segments of the newscast. RIP, a huge shame ”, he subscribed.

A situation that led several colleagues to shake hands to support him in his surgery and recovery process.

Colleagues and friends say goodbye to Alex Risi

One of the first was Sammy Sadovnik, with whom he shared on Frequency Latina (today Latina) a few years ago, on various sports broadcasts.

One of them was Jorge Esteves, who recalled an anecdote: “It was the first that gave Daniel Peredo space on TV. He always invited us to his program on Channel 7 in the 90’s. Then he just called Daniel. ‘You dedicate yourself to writing, you do it well, that’s why I’m not calling you, Peredo has a future on TV,’ he told me. RIP.

The journalist Jorge Esteves on the death of Alex Risi. (Photo: Capture)


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Mourning sports journalism: Alex Risi passed away