Mourning at La Casa de Papel: an actor from the series died

For some time now and thanks to The Money Heist, Spain became the great supplier of series and films for Netflix. The story of the Professor and his gang, the most famous robbers in the world, caught millions of people globally and, in fact, although an extension seemed not to be necessary, today the strip reaches four seasons and has a fifth soon to be released. .

What’s more, the fifth and final edition of The Money Heist It became one of the most anticipated by the public, who want to know at once how the group led by the Professor will do to get rid of the Civil Guard. Although, to reduce the wait, Álex Pina and his team have already prepared to release the official trailer and new promotional images that reveal a bit of things to come.

However, fans will have to wait to know the end of the series until September 3 with volume 1 and December 3 with volume 2. However, these new chapters will arrive with a bitter taste for the entire cast of actors. since, a few hours ago, The Spanish Actors Commission confirmed that Óscar Sánchez Zafra lost his life when he was only 52 years old.

At the moment the causes of his death are unknown and, even, no actor of The Money Heist He expressed his feelings at the news, but even so, when he participated in the strip, everyone showed great affection for him. In any case, in Spain he was always linked more to the theater than to television or cinema, but Pina’s fiction was one of his great successes.

What role did Óscar Sánchez play in La Casa de Papel?

During the first seasons, Zafra played Paco, Río’s father (Miguel Herrán). The actor’s appearances occurred during the first and second seasons, when precisely Rio saw his parents on video begging him to please return home and not continue with the assault on the Mint and Stamp Factory.

Rio's parents. Photo: (Netflix)

Rio’s parents. Photo: (Netflix)

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