Mónika Vergara: “Telecinco did not fire Antonio David before because he needed to continue skinning him”

Mónika Vergara She has spent three decades dedicated to an area that she knew from a young age that she wanted to be a part: journalism. She had the best teacher at home: her mother, Maika Vergara, was a personal reference for her, “like all mothers”, but also professionally, as she herself confesses to BLUPER.

In his extensive career in the media, television stands out especially, which has given him his most popular momentsAlthough it also made her suffer bitter experiences that she does not even want to remember. Specifically, the journalist lived a fleeting passage through Save me and Saturday Deluxe between 2012 and 2013, a signing that was marked by his personal controversies and that ended with Vergara claiming his rights in court.

Little or nothing remains of that dark stage in the current Mónika. “Save me? What is Save me?“, she blurts out ironically when asked about the matter, making it clear that she has long since banished” obscurantism “from her life. Today, the presenter has found a new illusion on the radio, directing and conducting the space Vergara in company, a work that combines with his collaboration in Being with you, from Castilla-La Mancha Televisión.

Always openly, the journalist opens up to BLUPER about her professional career and other issues such as the memory of her mother, the constant mourning since her death in 2003 or the role of Telecinco in the conflict between Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores.

Mónika Vergara presents and directs her own radio show.

How is the experience of presenting your own radio show like?

I summarize it in one word: fascinating.

Did you feel like doing radio?

I have collaborated many times on the radio and the truth is that presenting and directing my own program has me excited. Radio is a wonderful medium that has me very hooked. I am delighted, it is a project with a lot of light.

Are there any current guests that you would like to have on the show?

We like to accommodate people who have a lot of light and who contribute a lot. The program generates precious energy, everyone who comes is delighted. With everything that is happening in the world and on television, we need to find that embrace, even if it is virtual, and a place where one can allow oneself to be who they are without having masks.

You also continue to collaborate on the television of Castilla-La Mancha.

Yes, now I am also pending a project that I have been offered to present and direct a television program. I take this opportunity to thank Ángel de la Rúa for trusting me for my program on Decision Radio and Vicente Serrano, my director of ‘Being with you’, for continuing to trust me.

Do you notice many differences between television and radio?

All! The radio allows me to be me. It is also so fun … The radio has surprised me, I didn’t know that I liked it so much. When they offered me to present a television program, I said “Ugh, let me enjoy this beautiful stage and we’ll talk.”

On television, haven’t you felt that it could be you?

In the end, on TV they are more aware of other things, and I am not talking about Castilla-La Mancha, which is very comfortable there. The radio creates an atmosphere of being with a group of friends sitting on a stretcher table talking about many things, on TV there are many more people, other times, orders from the directors … You are aware of too many things.

At this beautiful moment in your career you will remember a lot about your mother.

Constantly, every day. Exactly an hour ago I was talking to her.

And what do you tell him?

Everything. I thank you constantly. “Thanks Mom”. I say “what a shame, mom, that you are not here to do this together”, “I hope you are proud”, “you would have such a good time with your grandchildren” …

The journalist also collaborates in the Castilla-La Mancha TV program 'Estando Contigo'.

The journalist also collaborates in the Castilla-La Mancha TV program ‘Estando Contigo’.

Do you think being the daughter of Mayka Vergara has influenced you professionally?

In the last name and in doing good journalism, in loving my profession. She raised me to be independent and to get ahead without depending on anyone. For me he was a reference personally, professionally and in everything, mothers are sacred.

How do you remember your time at ‘Save me’?

I am in such a beautiful moment that the dark ages are out of my life. As a friend says: trodden past. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Save me? What is Save me?

Do you think it was your worst moment on television?

I’m only going to say one thing: television is a show. From television there is an immense responsibility to accompany and educate in values. It is better for the media to put the batteries, because what we see on a screen and that we adults know is a show, children are consuming it and we are creating a society full of tension, without values, where anything goes and the more aggressive you are, you are a better professional. I am very struck by the fact that there are campaigns against abuse and then aggressiveness and violence are broadcast at lunchtime.

With the Rocío Carrasco theme, feminism has been put on the table in Telecinco. What do you think about this?

I have not seen the program, but it is impossible to be on the sidelines. In this matter, the right to honor of minors, who are the men of tomorrow, must prevail. That a girl who was a minor then be beaten in a national media seems very delicate to me. Okay, Rocío daughter did it wrong, but what happened happened in many families, there was a program called ‘Big Brother’ that showed it. To stigmatize Rocío Flores is to make her serve a double sentence, she has already paid and was a minor. It seems very delicate to make it public, and even more so when it is the only case in the world in which it has been her own mother who takes it out, which is something that I question a lot.

Why do you think Telecinco kept Antonio David on staff for seven months despite having Rocío’s documentary recorded?

Because they need the images and then continue skinning him.

Do you think Antonio David has been a victim?

Antonio David, Rocío Carrasco and their children are victims of justice. What has happened to them is experienced by many families. Rocío Carrasco is not the only mother who has no relationship with her children. What happens in divorce proceedings is very strong, there is judicial violence. Some gentlemen who do not know you at all determine whether you are a good father or not.

Do you think the docuseries have benefited any of the parties?

No, none. I understand that for Rocío Carrasco it could have been a catharsis, I do not doubt that she has suffered in first person what has happened, but there are many realities and each one has their own.

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Mónika Vergara: “Telecinco did not fire Antonio David before because he needed to continue skinning him”