June 8, 2021

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Monica Geller’s voice

Monica Gellers voice

More than 20 years ago, but I remember in detail the first time I listened to the soundtrack CD of Friends. I remember why when I finished I’ll be there for youvoices began to sound in English that I did not recognize. Who were these people? As a good series of – to quote Rachel – the days of yore, Friends We saw it in Spanish, and without realizing it we fell in love with the voices of Alicia Laorden, Alberto Mieza, José Posada, Alba Sola, Daniel García and Concha García Valero. To those who spoke after each of the songs on the album I neither knew nor understood them, because –it takes a paradox– I only learned English thanks to the movies and series in their original versions.

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The meeting of Friends It has not yet been seen dubbed on HBO Spain, but the platform has announced that it will give its historical voices the place they deserve. To all, except Concha García Valero, who died in 2006. Concha dubbed a multitude of characters. It was Maggie Seaver in The problems grow, and when Ralph Fiennes christened the Almásy Bosphorus under the neck of Kristin Scott Thomas in The English Patient, the laugh that made us fall in love was his. She was also an erotic film actress in films whose titles could have served as a joke in that episode of Friends in which they watched the porn channel for free. But for me it will always be the voice that proposed to Chandler, the same voice that discovered that there were seven erogenous zones, pretended to be Monana and was determined that the rules are good because they help us control the fun.

If we count from the Odyssey, the nostalgia is so old that we can even complain that there is no longer nostalgia like before, and its excess has more side effects than the macolate, but how can we not regret that the first voice we hear in the series cannot now be reunited with her.

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