Mirtha Legrand’s return to TV, live: “I’m very excited”

On her return to TV, Mirtha returned more recharged than ever and continued with her indiscreet tone. “How do you get along with Cristian Castro?”, he asked Puma Rodríguez in reference to the rumors that said that the juries of sing with me now they didn’t get along. “Very well. I know him as a child. He is very nice. I have no enemies, I do not sow enemies. I go through life adding, “answered who also claimed to meet Verónica Castro, the mother of the Mexican singer.

Then the singer talked about his health and told about the double lung transplant they did to him. “I felt like I was leaving my body three times. One becomes a three-year-old boy. You can not do anything. You can’t get dressed, you can’t put on your shoes, you can’t take a bath. I needed 20 liters of oxygen to bathe (…). He was 75 years old and had already been ruled out for the transplant. An Argentine doctor and a German doctor took the risk because there was no solution, if they didn’t transplant me I would die”, revealed who turns five years after the operation in December.

True to form, came the indiscreet question of the night. “Do you love Susana and me?”Mirtha asked Moria, looking into her eyes. “Oh, what a question! It costs me an egg to love. I love you and respect you very much. To Susana too, but she is not my friend, we were very good theater partners. She came to see me and I never went to see her, we don’t have the same reciprocity. I never made a program that needed her, I never ask anyone for anything. They always put us as a competition, I don’t feel like a diva, I feel like a rambunctious. I dare to things that you may not, they are more structured. I did television programs that have been a before and after, I do not deal with the system and I leave, “replied the actress of witches overwhelming.

“I’m going to give you a gift that was given to me, but I never used it. It’s a special thing made by a craftsman named Lucio Benenati who works for Vogue magazine. He made it for me when Julius Caesar was about to premiere. It is handmade and has gold leaves. A special handmade crown for a queen. It is for you as a symbol of your absolute reign on television, ”said the capocómica while giving the host the gift. Surprised by such a beautiful gesture, Legrand expressed, “Well, it’s exciting. How nice. I don’t wear it so as not to mess up my hair, but what a beauty. Many thanks”.

A crown, Moria’s special gift to MirthaScreenshot

One of the inevitable topics of the night was the attack against Cristina Kirchner. “It was the worst thing I saw in politics,” said Baby Etchecopar while Moria spoke of the constant hatred that is seen in society and on the networks. “What triumphs in networks are the haters, hate sells Activate or deactivate. What I notice in journalism is the self-referential. They speak to the camera hoping to be picked up from all sides, ”he opined. While Mirtha expressed: “Hate has to disappear, you can’t live like this.”

Chef Jimena Monteverde presented the menu chosen for this great night. As a starter, the guests will taste a burrata while the main course will be an asparagus risotto. For dessert, a very light meringue with lemon mousse.

Jimena Monteverde told what dishes they will taste during the night
Jimena Monteverde told what dishes they will taste during the nightScreenshot

Baby Etchecopar, Moria Casán, José Luis Rodríguez and Fernando Galmarini are the four guests on this very special night. “I’m happy to have you here,” said La Chiqui as a warm welcome. “Honored to be in this new era,” Moria said while the Puma Rodríguez confessed: “It is always a pleasure to come to your table and share with you. I have told you several times that I was totally in love with you.” “And did I disappoint you when you met me?” Asked the driver true to her style. “No, my love grew,” replied the Venezuelan singer.

The table is served and the first guests are already seated next to the diva
The table is served and the first guests are already seated next to the divaTwitter

“Hello Martha, how are you? Maluma is speaking to you, I send you a hug and a huge kiss. Congratulations on your return to television. Take good care of yourself and see you on the 29th at the Vélez Stadium. Kisses”, expressed from Colombia the singer of urban music and reggaeton.

As for more than four decades, in this great comeback the voice of Nelly Trenti was present. “I want to remember my dear Nelly Trenti who left us a few days ago. She accompanied me for 40 years with a beautiful voice”, said Legrand while presenting a video tribute to the announcer. “Divina Nelly, we will never forget her. We love her very much. She did not know that they were going to pay her this tribute. Thank you Nacho ”, added the driver extremely moved.

The first chords of “Emperatriz” -José María Serra’s classic musical theme- finally kicked off a new season of The night of Mirtha Legrand. After an emotional video that reviewed these two years of the pandemic without her on TV, Mirtha Legrand made her grand entrance. Sheathed in a long dress in an ivory tone and fully embroidered with crystals and hand in hand with an assistant, The host was very excited to meet her audience again.

“Thank you very much,” he said to effusive applause and the general cry: “Chiquita.” “Oh, what an emotion, my God, I did not sleep all night, but I am very happy to be back here. So much ‘Mirtha I’m back, Mirtha I’m back’, here I am. It seems incredible to me, but well here I am, with a set that looks like a palace, how wonderful!”.

Since the program account They also created expectations around the return of Mirtha Legrand to the small screen. After 9:00 p.m., they published a photo showing what the table would look like for this special night. Also in the image you could see that there are carpets in the studio, a special request that the diva made to her grandson and her producer, Nacho Viale, to feel safer when stepping on the set.

Although it was said that Mirtha’s tables were going to have a political overtone this year, the diva ruled out this version. “Nope, there will not be too much politics, it will be more variedwe will talk about various topics”, he assured LA NACION. The diva considers that people are saturated with politics: “Besides, one ends up getting into ‘gardens’ that are unpleasant. I want to be happy, comfortable and calm.”

Although she does not want to reveal what her dress will be like for her special return to the screen, nor does she want anyone to reveal it either, THE NATION could know that those in charge of dressing the diva are Mario Vidal and Edgardo Cotonowners of Iara. “It is long and line. We can only say that because she would be angry if we revealed something else,” the designers told this medium and added: “She usually gives a guideline of what she wants, sometimes we talk about the color together and we send her three or four designs for her to choose from.” .

Mirtha not only thought about the look that will be seen tonight, she also thought about what to wear for the notes that she offered this week. Like this dress that she wore in the interview that she offered for Telenoche
Mirtha not only thought about the look that will be seen tonight, she also thought about what to wear for the notes that she offered this week. Like this dress that she wore in the interview that she offered for TelenocheCourtesy StoryLab

In the talk with LA NACION, Mirtha Legrand and Juana Viale expressed their admiration and mutual respect. Although they have many similarities, there are several disagreements as a result of the generational difference and seeing life with a different prism. Both are happy with this return to the small screen and both face different challenges: the diva returning to the routine of her weekly program, and her granddaughter taking over a cycle that brings a lot of history. In principle, she will now have another name, she will be called having lunch with Joan and his starting signal is tomorrow, Sunday 18, at 1:45 p.m.

Unlike other seasons, in this Mirtha Legrand will record her program. Yesterday the diva approached the Whose Studies of the town of Martínez, curiously located in front of the installations of phone, to carry out its emblematic cycle and receive its first guests. The Chiqui He arrived after 3:00 p.m. and finished the recording shortly after 8:00 p.m.

Mirtha Legrand and a very special day at work, on her return to Saturday dinners.
Mirtha Legrand and a very special day at work, on her return to Saturday dinners.Gerardo Viercovich

The diva will receive in the first mesaza of Mirta’s night a: Moria Casán, Pato Galmarini, Baby Etchecopar and Puma Rodríguez. Surely they will talk about various topics, but they will not be able to escape the political and economic situation of the country.

Puma Rodríguez, another luxury guest for Mirtha's table
Puma Rodríguez, another luxury guest for Mirtha’s table Gerardo Viercovich

After almost two years of being away from the screen due to the pandemic, tonight, at 9:30 p.m. Mirtha Legrand returns to the eltrece grid with continuity. The diva really wanted to return and finally, after an intense negotiation between Nacho Viale and Adrián Suar, an agreement was reached so that in 2022 she would have Legrand again at the head of her historic table.

“I am preparing myself physically and mentally, since I have not been on the air continuously for more than two and a half years, it is a long time. The return becomes complicated, more than anything emotionally. I am very well, happy, but doubts appear. I wonder where I will enter, if I will walk well and have a topic to talk about, one hopes that everything will be perfect, ” Mirtha told LA NACION just a few hours before the start of the recordings.

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Mirtha Legrand’s return to TV, live: “I’m very excited”