Mirtha Legrand will be the godmother of Lizy Tagliani’s wedding

Mirtha Legrand will be the humorist’s godmother Lizy Tagliani. The television diva accepted the proposal during the program the thirteen. “It would be a great honor”, Legrand claimed on Twitter.

Tagliani confirmed that will marry on March 23 with his current partner, Sebastián Nebot. “I have a friend who gave me the entire party, because I was thinking of doing something small,” she said.

Lizy maintained that she had thought of her for how much she had meant early in her career, when she was hairdresser in the parades organized by the designer Jorge Ibanez.

In this context, he pointed out that he had thought of her as his godmother, although he immediately made it clear that he could take the time to think about it. “I am delightedLegrand responded.

The comedian, who shared the table with Carolina Losada, Jairo, Yanina Latorre, and Esteban Trebucq, made the proposal to the Chiqui indirectly. It was after the lunch diva told her that she loved her very much without even knowing her.

“That’s something I wanted to tell you. Y It is not to put you in a commitment just so you think about it. You were a very important linklike other people, so that I can be who I am today”, introduced Lizy.

The humorist commented in this sense the consideration that Mirtha had had for her while she was a hairdresser in those parades. “I was hiding out back there. But you always called me, you always included me without need, and in a way in which there was no interest.

In that line, he expressed a conversation he had with his partner: “He told Sebas. I wish she could be the bridesmaid”.

Birthday celebration Lizy TaglianiGerardo Viercovich – THE NATION

You are offering it to me now?” Mirtha reacted in surprise. “It’s for you to think about, I didn’t want to do it live so as not to surprise you,” Tagliani clarified. “I am delighted”Mirtha replied immediately.

However, the television diva made a clarification. “The godmother, but never call me ‘your godmother,’” she clarified with a laugh.

Lizy conceded and thanked Legrand again. “The date is decided and it is very nice because you were really very important”, he clarified.

Lizy Tagliani celebrated last month his 52nd birthday, along with his partner, Sebastián Nebot, figures from the show and his inner circle. She did it with a great celebration in an exclusive local College.

True to her humor, the birthday girl was fun and radiant in a bright blue dress that she paired with over-the-knee boots. When blowing out the candles, Lizy dedicated words to those present.

Birthday celebration Lizy Tagliani
Birthday celebration Lizy TaglianiGerardo Viercovich – THE NATION

Dance, gifts, a rogel cake more than a meter long and lots of fun set the tone for an evening in which several television figures were present with whom the actress shared different professional moments throughout her career.


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Mirtha Legrand will be the godmother of Lizy Tagliani’s wedding