Mirtha Legrand snubbed Alberto Fernández and revealed what question she would ask Cristina Kirchner

In the anteroom to your Return to television, Mirtha Legrand gave this Thursday an interview to Telenoche and surprised to reveal that he would like to have Cristina Kirchner at his table, but not President Alberto Fernández.

“La Chiqui” said that two years ago she had invited the president to participate in one of the broadcasts of Mirta’s night, although he rejected the proposal at the time. He now expressed that it is not in his plans to contact him again. ”I would not invite Alberto Fernández now”, he indicated.

The driver exposed, however, a difference with Cristina Kirchner, who would like to have it at the table. “I would ask him if he is happy, if he has a good relationship with his children and how is his daughter’s health, something that we never knew more about. She would go for the human, she must also suffer and she does not have an easy task, “she maintained.

Mirtha spoke in this sense of the attack suffered by the vice president on September 1. “I was watching television and I saw the person when she was pointing at him. She didn’t even notice, she had just bent down to look for a book on the floor and got up laughing. After her they will have told her ‘look they tried to kill her,’” she said.

And I add: “It must have been terrible for her, a horror. It is not even known why. It’s ridiculous what happened to these young people [Fernando Sabag Montiel y Brenda Uliarte]but it happened.”

In this context, Legrand critically analyzed the situation in Argentina and called for an end to the crack. “We are experiencing very hard times, I am scared. I am afraid of a confrontation between Argentines, which would be terrible. I hope there is peace and order, that we love each other a little more even if we think differently, “he said.

Mirtha Legrand, who will return with her historic “mesazas” on Saturday the 17th at 9:30 p.m., admitted that she suffered a lot the time she was away from television in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. She pointed out that she experiences it almost as “a debut”, a kind of “new beginning”. “I feel weird, as if I debuted“, he claimed.

“I spent 300 days without going out, locked up without even going out on the balcony. She read, watched television and did a little kinesiology. You have to move, being in bed is not good, ”she said.

Legrand also told that he should have done exercises with your vocal cords because her voice had changed, due to the time she had been isolated due to sanitary restrictions.

“A speech therapist, who is excellent, recommended that I sing a whole song. So what do I sing every day? The Argentine anthem”, he added.

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Mirtha Legrand snubbed Alberto Fernández and revealed what question she would ask Cristina Kirchner