Miguel Varoni and his surprising change: unrecognizable on TV show

In an interview with ‘Telemundo’, the creative vice president of Estudios Telemundo, actor, producer and director Miguel Varoni He spoke about the protocol of firearms in the productions of that chain, about the accident that Alec Baldwin starred in on the recording set of the movie ‘Rust’ a few weeks ago.

It is worth remembering that the incident occurred during a scene in which a prop firearm was used. Baldwin triggered it and ended up accidentally killing Halyna Hutchins, the film’s cinematographer.

Beyond the information the actor spoke about, remembered for his role as ‘Pedro’ in the telenovela ‘Pedro, el flamoso’, many of the viewers paid special attention to the image of Varoni, 56 years old.

The before and after of the producer was surprising for the fans, who in 2003, due to his role as ‘Pedro’, was considered a heartthrob on Colombian television, who had long hair and a particular way of dancing to the song ‘Pirulino’.

Miguel Varoni gave life to the character of ‘Pedro el Escamoso’.


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Heroes much more appeared in the interview delgado, with short gray hair, a beard and glasses.

However, in his social networks he had already shared photos in which he is seen with that ‘extreme change’.

I just hope your health is fine. The truth is I see you and I can’t find you, you look like another, too thin“Commented one of his followers in the Instagram post.

In the video posted on the ‘Telemundo’ YouTube channel, the comments are similar: “How surprised I was with Varoni, between the extreme thinness, the white hair and beards. To complete a very strange hairstyle”Wrote another netizen.

I was impressed with their change”, “Varoni is unrecognizable“Are other comments that can be read.

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Varoni on ‘Baldwin case’

The actor first explained what is the protocol to follow when there is a weapon on set, at least in the ‘Telemundo’ recordings. They have one person in charge, who shows the weapon to the entire team on set, which should not have a projectile. The gun is then loaded and a safe distance is taken between the gun and the person who is supposed to receive the bullet.

When the actor shoots, he does not shoot the person but shoots towards the side, and with a camera the axis is changed, which is to be shot to the side and as far away as possible”, He explained about the protocol.

Regarding the accident of the gun that was accidentally fired in the hands of Alec Baldwin, which happened on October 21, Varoni said: “I really feel a deep pain for all the people who are living that there (…) It is a horrible accident”.

He also did not explain the reason why the pistol was loaded.

It is what I cannot understand, why a real bullet is in a set (…) I have never seen a real bullet in a set“, said.

As for Baldwin, he assured: “He’s too talented a guy (…) Whatever comes out, poor guy, his life is over (…) killing a person is a disaster, a horrible disaster”.

Rust taxiway 1

Filming area of ​​the movie ‘Rust’, where the tragedy happened.


Patrick Fallon. AFP

The ‘golden years’ of Miguel Varoni

The producer, son of the remembered actress Teresa Gutierrez, came to the entertainment world with the role of ‘Ever’ in the series ‘Los Cuervos’, broadcast between 1984 and 1986.

During the mid-80s and 90s he was part of private productions such as’ Gallito Ramírez -in the company of Carlos Vives- (1986), ‘Gitana’ (1990), ‘La potra Zaina’ (1993) and ‘Las juanas’ (1997 ).

At that time he had a more than consolidated career and his name was beginning to sound strongly not only in Colombia but also in Latin America.

Pedro el Escamoso starred Miguel Varoni and Sandra Reyes.

Pedro el Escamoso starred Miguel Varoni and Sandra Reyes.

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Then his great role appeared: ‘Pedro Coral Tavera‘in’ Pedro, el flamoso ‘(2001).

After the resounding success of the soap opera, he repeated his role in a not so fortunate second part called ‘Como Pedro por su casa’ (2003).

Although his career did not stop there – on the contrary: it exploded significantly – the role of Pedro was worth a great deal. international recognition.

And it was precisely in that panorama that he was immersed over the years: he was antagonistic, so to speak, in the film ‘Thief robbing thief‘ (2007).

Miguel and Catherine

Miguel Varoni and Catherine Siachoque

Actor Miguel Varoni and actress Catherine Siachoque met in November 1996.


Instagram: catherinesiachoque

Probably one of the longest-term relationships in the Latin American world of entertainment is that of Miguel Varoni with the Colombian actress. Catherine siachoque.

Siachoque also has a ‘proper name’ in the national film scene. Although she usually has the profile of a ‘villain’, one of the most remembered roles was that of ‘Doña Elsa’ in ‘Without breasts there is no paradise’.

(We tell you: They denounce that girl could not take face-to-face classes for ‘painting her hair’).

They have been together since 1997 And, for some time now, they have used social networks to express their love and support and, above all, to tell their followers news on various topics.

The two have worked on various projects.

Perhaps the most iconic of Varoni was ‘Betty in New York’, one of the many versions of ‘Betty the ugly’.

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Miguel Varoni and his surprising change: unrecognizable on TV show