‘Midnight Mass’, Mike Flanagan’s new horror series, presents its trailer and date on Netflix – Out of Series

The horror fiction will consist of seven episodes starring Hamish Linklater and Zach Gilford

Midnight Mass
(Source: Netflix)

The arrival of The curse of Hill House and subsequently, The curse of Bly Manor They enshrined its creator, Mike Flanagan, as a safe bet of terror for Netflix. As a result of the agreement that both signed at the beginning of 2019, it arises Midnight mass, his new fiction, which will be composed of seven episodes. Until now, we knew some details of the production, but the platform of the red giant has decided to launch its first trailer, as well as fix its release date for next September 24, thus competing with Foundation and Apple TV +.

Midnight mass takes us to Crockett Island, a small and isolated island community, which will become the center of strange events. One day, apparently by chance, two visits to the island will arrive, which will change everything: a young man haunted by his past and a charismatic and mysterious priest. From there, as we see in the trailer, the community will begin to experience miraculous events and terrifying omens, as well as there will be apparitions and an atmosphere of terror very characteristic of Flanagan. “Don’t be afraid,” says the trailer, although we are sure they will make it happen to us.

There is darkness on Crockett Island. Some are supernatural, but the scariest comes from human nature. The darkness of this series is not difficult to see in our world, unfortunately “, Flanagan advances in a letter he has written about fiction,” But this series is also about something else … esperanza. One of the great mysteries of human nature.

First images

The fiction is headed by Zach Gilford (Good girls) y Hamish Linklater (Legion), while complete with Kate Siegel (The curse of Hill House), Rahul Kohli (Supergirl), Henry Thomas (The curse of Bly Manor) y Samantha Sloyan (Grey’s Anatomy), among others. We can see all of them in the first images that Netflix has released of fiction, as a preview of what is to come.

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