‘Merlí: Sapere Aude’: Netflix premieres season 2 of the series

    Adolescence is a period of great interest for audiovisual creation. Given that it is a time of constant change, experimentation and personal evolution, it allows us to make real emotional journeys together with the characters and learn more about ourselves or the new generations through them. Precisely for this reason, the original production of Movistar + was so liked Merlí: Sapere audewhose second season is already available on Netflix.

    Conceived as a spin-off of Merli (TV3) this series aimed to shed some light on the challenges that Spanish university students face when undertaking the great leap of maturity of their lives. Critical thinking, autonomous work, sexual and sentimental exploration and the personal struggle for a future of one’s own are the protagonists of this stage, the culmination of coming of age cinematographic (maturation process).

    The fact that the problems and concerns of young people are taken seriously is probably one of the keys to the success of this series, as has also happened more recently with HIT, the TVE series with Daniel Grao as the main character. For those who did not follow the trail of Merli (available on RTVE Play and Amazon Prime Video), the student Pol Rubio (Carlos Cuevas, 45 revolutions, someone has to die) was so impressed by the influence of an inspiring Philosophy professor, played by Francesc Orella (Inés of my soul, Maradona, blessed dream) who ended up studying precisely that career. His apprenticeship and his personal adventures and misadventures during Two seasons can now be seen in full on Netflix.

    Merlí: Sapere aude: synopsis and cast of season 2, which is already on Netflix

    After a First season in which Pol finds the teacher Maria Bolano (Mary Pujalte, The mysteries of Laura, Vota Juan) to his new mentor and discovers how to move forward in his new vital stage at the university, in the second batch we finally see a transformation in him towards true maturity.

    Coinciding with the second semester at the university, Pol begins a new relationship and receives hard news that he will have to face in a calm and adult way, although at first it is difficult for him. All this is mixed with his need to reconcile work with studies, which also especially require his effort and attention to prepare an ambitious final debate in Professor Bolaño’s class. Will Pol be able to deal with it all without isolating himself?

    To carry out this plot, in addition to Carlos Cuevas and María Pujalte we return to see Paul Hood like Rai, claudia vega like Oti, Pere Vallribera as Biel Roca, Boris Ruiz as Alfonso Rubio, Eva Martín as Silvia Montoliu and Blue Fernandez as Minerva Picotti. Gloria Ramos (champions), Carmen Conesa like Vicki and Silvia Marso, are also in this fiction. Also, Eusebio Poncela as Dino, the owner of the Satanassa bar; Y Jordi Coll (The secret of Old Bridge), like Axel, they are incorporated as signings of the season.

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‘Merlí: Sapere Aude’: Netflix premieres season 2 of the series