Melody Luz’s revenge against Alex Caniggia in The Hotel of the Famous

Melody Lightparticipant of The Hotel of the Famous (El Trece), I would not be having a good time in reality. After having seen alex caniggiawith whom he had a romantic night, kissing his rival “Nice” MartinoThe tension between the two grew more and more. That is why decided to expose a very intimate detail about Caniggia.

The rivalry between the participants of the program grows every day more. Since Melody repeatedly had to see Caniggia with “Nice”the interns among the participants began to come to light. This time, the dancer exposed Caniggia by telling an eschatological accident that she had in the program.

Charlotte Caniggia’s brother had to be absent at various times from the reality show due to stomach problems. For this reason, he stayed to rest instead of doing the tasks that corresponded to him. In her replacement, Silvina Luna was left, who guided the rest of her companions to fulfill all the tasks of coexistence.

“It’s good that I crossed you guys, because you need to know that Alex covers, with his perfume, all the farts he throws. Tremendous. All the time. That”revealed Melody in front of the cameras. Later, Silvina said that Alex “I had an intestinal problem”. “I found him in the bathroom quite upset. She is going a lot of body. I’m going to go get him and we’re going to do the work outside the kitchen. This is how we started to distribute”, she expressed.

The day Melody Luz found Alex Caniggia in bed with “Majo” Martino

In one of the previous episodes, the dancer was doing cleaning tasks in the rooms when, suddenly, she entered the room and found Alex in bed with “Nice” becoming “spoon”, caressing and talking in a low voice. “I’m not surprised at all that Alex is with ‘Majo’, that they’re spooning, whispering under the covers. The truth is that I am not surprised, it does not bother me, so he let them do their thing ”he declared.

Although she tried to be sympathetic, her face did not indicate the same. “It doesn’t bother me that people don’t get up on time, I don’t think I have to force them, so if they want to stay, they’re guests, they can do it”, he added. When Gabriel Oliveri, the hotel manager, arrived, Melody he protested and said, “It’s the only bed I can’t make.” “Well, but you have to wait for the guests,” Oliveri replied. “Nerd. That’s why I didn’t force them or anything.” Light.

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Melody Luz’s revenge against Alex Caniggia in The Hotel of the Famous