Melissa Alemán from Nuestra Belleza Latina 2021: What you need to know


Melissa Alemán dreams of becoming the first openly gay queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Melissa Alemán is one of the pre-selected from Our Latin Beauty 2021.

During her audition for the twelfth season of the reality show, the Puerto Rican presented a segment of entertainment news in which she pretended to be a Univision presenter.

After her audition in Nuestra Belleza Latina, Judge Daniella Álvarez applauded Alemán’s talent as the host of an entertainment show. For his part, Adal Ramones asked the participant for more spontaneity and naturalness for the next tests within the competition.

Melissa Alemán, military veteran and member of the gay community, seeks acceptance from her dadThe 31-year-old Puerto Rican was part of the US military for eight years and with that experience, and as a member of the LGBT community, she wants to set a precedent in Nuestra Belleza Latina. In addition, Melissa Alemán confessed that her father does not accept her for being homosexual. # NBL2021 #NuestraBellezaLatina SUBSCRIBE: Visit the official site:…2021-09-27T04:21:49Z

During the in-person audition, the judges of the Univision production gave Melissa Alemán a vote of confidence to continue in the next phase of the competition.

“Beautiful, I think there is wood, but print it something more natural. Whether you stay or not, be more natural, “said Adal Ramones about Alemán’s talent.

Who is Melissa Alemán?

Melissa German, a 31-year-old Puerto Rican, served in the United States Army for 8 years and is currently based in the state of New Jersey.

Alemán dreams of becoming the first openly homosexual queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina, as she made known in her audition at the first gala from Univision’s television competition.

Your family does not accept your sexual orientation

Melissa Alemán managed to move the judges of the reality show by making it known that her family does not accept that she is a lesbian.

The participant emphasized that the love of her parents is still present at all times, but that she has felt the indifference of her parents to her sexual preferences.

“It is difficult to be a lesbian in the Hispanic community, it is very difficult. My family loves me and adores me, who doesn’t love their children? But they don’t accept me. I think that hurts, I’m here because I want that conversation to be talked about, for parents to talk with their children, for them to accept and love each other ”, affirmed the Puerto Rican in front of the four judges of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2021.

She is proud to have served in the US Army

In an emotional and sincere publication on her profile on Instagram, Melissa Alemán said she was proud of the years she was serving for the United States Army.

Alemán also admitted that she did not always follow the rules as a veteran of the army, a behavior that on several occasions brought her more than one reprimand from her superiors.

“It seems like I always got into some kind of trouble while I was inside. It was loud (I still am), and I didn’t always follow the rules. He was a bit rebellious, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It transformed me into the woman I am today. I learned, I have grown and now I am a proud veteran of the United States Army, ”the Puerto Rican wrote in a publication she made in 2019 on her profile on the Instagram social network.

Have a deep love for pets

In the biography of her profile on Instagram, Melissa Alemán proudly announced that she is the mother of two puppies, who are named Bella and Kruze.

“Happy eighth birthday to my sweet angel, my love Bella. You really bring so much joy to my life! I wish you many more years with mommy! ”Aleman wrote in 2018 in a photograph that he uploaded to his official account on Instagram.

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