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Natalia Ramírez is and will be remembered for her iconic role as Marcela Valencia in the immortal telenovela ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’.

More than two decades have passed since the premiere of the best-known Colombian telenovela, not only for its plot and iconic phrases, but also for its cast and its life years later. Such is the case of Natalia Ramirez, who she is and will be remembered for her memorable role as Marcela valencia in the immortal soap opera I am Betty the Ugly one.

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Within her work in the story created by Fernando Gaitán, her character, who at first seems antagonistic as she is Don Armando’s girlfriend while in the development of the novel Beatriz Pinzón Solano begins to fall in love with her boss, reflects the daily life of a woman independent, intelligent, hard-working and with a lot of character. Marcela Valencia managed to conquer the public in more than 100 countries since its premiere in 1999.

After the success of the telenovela, Natalia Ramírez put on the heels of Bárbara Montero, a lawyer who defends cases of Hispanics in the United States in the television series At the edge of the law. However, there is another facet of Ramírez that she values ​​much more: motherhood.

Along with her professional life, the artist, now 54, decided to join her life with the Puerto Rican Ricky Díaz and also take care of her daughter Gabriela Serrano Ramirez, of whom she was already a mother when she recorded I am Betty the Ugly one, product of her first engagement with Gabriel Serrano. Gaby, as Natalia tells her, has now grown as a professional and she does not hesitate to show it off on her social networks.

His 26-year-old daughter studies Humanitarian Law and International Relations in London, England, where she has lived for several years, according to Ramírez in an interview with very brave.

After two decades of its premiere, the Colombian telenovela continues to resonate with viewers, not only for its plot and iconic phrases, but also for its cast and its life years later. Such is the case that they are connected. Han p

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