Mediaset confirms who will present the last ‘Save me’ program and the return of a presenter

Came the day. ‘Save me’ ends forever. After a month and a half of preparations, the Telecinco and La Fábrica de la Tele program says goodbye to the audience this Friday, June 23. And it will do so with a special schedule, since Mediaset España suppresses the broadcast of the two Telecinco contests to broadcast the last program of ‘Save me’ from 4:45 p.m., after the delivery of ‘Vengeance is Mine’, until 9:00 p.m.

says goodbye ‘Save me’, after 3,638 deliveries, with one absence. That of its main presenter during these more than 14 years of broadcast: Jorge Javier Vazquez. Through a statement, Mediaset Spain confirms that there will be three presenters at the end of ‘Save me’: Adela González, Terelu Campos and María Patiño.

As they advanced in ‘Save me’ a few days ago, the theme of this latest installment this Friday June 23 It will be the night of San Juan. Coincidence or not June 23 It is the date on which the former CEO of Mediaset Spain Paolo Vasile (69) was born and on which the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ died 3 years ago Mila Ximenezto which they dedicated the 14th anniversary of the program on April 27.

I am or I am not Jorge Javier Vazquez on set (Belén Esteban pleaded for her return to ‘Save me’ after his medical leave), all those present will wear white for the night of San Juan, and there will be a bonfire in which significant objects from the program and part of its scenery will be burned.

Mediaset also confirms all the collaborators who will be at the end of ‘Save me’: Lydia Lozano, Kiko Hernández, Belén Esteban, Kiko Matamoros, Gema López, Chelo G. Cortés, Antonio Montero, José Antonio Canales Rivera, Pilar Vidal, Carmen Borrego, José Antonio Avilés, Miguel Frigenti, Alonso Caparrós, Rafa Mora, Marta López , Laura Fa, Carmen Alcayde and Victor Sandoval.

A former presenter of ‘Sálvame’ returns for the last program on Telecinco

There will be returns, too, like the reporter’s Ion Aramendi (who will present the ‘Big Brother VIP’ debate) and its former presenter nuria marin (formerly in ‘Cazamariposas’, now in ‘Socialité’), which since 2018 replaced the main hosts and in 2022, in full reformulation of the space, became co-host with Adela González, Terelu Campos and María Patiño.

If the return of Jorge Javier Vázquez to ‘Sálvame’ is unknown (even for his colleagues), a possibility; who surely does not step on the set of the Telecinco program is peace padillawho joined in 2009 as a substitute for Jorge Javier Vázquez on Friday afternoons, and left in 2022 after a discussion with Belén Esteban as a result of the coronavirus vaccines.

Another more feasible return would be that of Carlota Corredera, first the director and then the main presenter until the spring of 2022, when she also left the program.

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Mediaset confirms who will present the last ‘Save me’ program and the return of a presenter