Maxi De la Cruz introduced the first character of the second season of “The Mask”

La Tele finally officially confirmed what had already transpired: there will be a second season of Who is the Mask? The channel announced it in an exclusive launch attended by clients, station figures and several of those who were part of the first cycle. The big news was the appearance on stage of one of the characters that will be part of next year’s cast.

The event was animated by maxi de la cruz, also host of the program. He wore his new hairless look, brought humor to the meeting and welcomed the finalists from Who is the Mask? this year: Monster, Cat Mirror and Astronaut. As in the program, the driver “unmasked” the three characters and showed that the same celebrities who were seen on screen were hiding behind the costumes: Manu Da Silveira, Majo Alvarez Y Fer Vazquez.

Along with the commercial manager Andrea Bruno on stage, Maxi confirmed that there will be Who is the Mask? in 2023 and unveiled on the giant screen the new logo of the program, to which the number two is added. “We are waiting for you all. The Mask is coming next year, let’s go still,” celebrated the driver.

Maxi De la Cruz introduced the first character of the
“Poodle”, the first character of the second season of “The Mask”.

But the biggest surprise came at the end of the event, when Maxi received on stage as an “exclusive preview” the first confirmed character to participate in the second season: it is “Poodle”, a flirtatious canine in a long dress who conquered the public. present barely burst onto the scene. The artist? She in question shone when interpreting the theme Despechá de Rosalía, which included a required choreographic display with a dance body.

Within the character of Poodle was the enigmatic celebrity that will have to be discovered throughout the program. This figure entered the event accompanied by the “security” of the cycle, and wearing the helmet and the already emblematic diver with the legend “Don’t talk to me”. Maxi asked the public to sing the remembered “mask off”, and threatened to reveal who the famous hidden person is, although he finally gave up. “We’re going to find out in season two,” she closed herself.

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Maxi De la Cruz introduced the first character of the second season of “The Mask”