Mauro Szeta revealed the worst of his work on Telefe: “It liquidates me”

Mauro Szeta revealed the armor that has to be put on every day to talk about atrocities that occur in different parts of the country. The police columnist revealed how his profession affects him.

“You have to have a hard skin, because you are telling very dramatic, very moving, sometimes horrendous stories. You have a very hard skin,” said María Laura Santillán in the middle of an interview with Szeta in Infobae. “Yes. It is inevitably transferred to my health many times. All that tension of telling the dark, which is not the same as living it. It is a big difference”answered the panelist from Cut by Lozano.

Szeta assured that he goes through and connects each situation he recounts in his work but clarified: “Much worse is being the real victim of a fact. One is a communicator. It hurts me to hear the story of a woman whose son was killed, she kills me, I can’t sleep, I end up exhausted even though I did it 30 years ago. But she kept saying ‘she didn’t touch me’.”

“A lot of people grab me and tell me: crazy, but wouldn’t you like to loosen up one day? It is true that you have to have a particular skin to live this way. Attracts me. The case yesterday generates the same adrenaline, the same intensity as the one from 10 years ago, “said the journalist married to the prosecutor Clarisa Antonini about his passion for his work and the number of hours he dedicates to it. And he concluded: “It seems to me that a case that happens in the upper middle sectors or a case that happens on the margins has the same level of tension and interest and commitment, for me they are all countable stories. And the pleasure of being able to help to the people”.

Mauro Szeta spoke about the case of María Marta García Belsunce

“The investigation is so crude that it began with a “not guilty” person brought to trial, sentenced, convicted, 7 years in prison. If Pachelo was, as the prosecutors believe, the court must show that he has elements of conviction,” began his analysis on police specialistwith indignation.

Meanwhile, the journalist recounted the dialogue he had with the widower: “Carrascosa himself once told me: if it is shown that he is Pachelo as we believe, hopefully they will do it with evidence. The innocent, for me the meaning of the word is broad, is the one who is judged without evidence and condemned”.

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Mauro Szeta revealed the worst of his work on Telefe: “It liquidates me”