Mauro Icardi decided to reveal the truth about Wanda Nara: “I tell you everything”

Mauro Icardi spoke again of the separation with Wanda Nara And he did it in a very particular way. The footballer who plays for Galatasaray in Turkey promised the entertainment journalist Angel De Brito tell you all about this topic through an exclusive interview coming soon.

While Wanda Nara gave an interview to THE Ma program hosted by Ángel De Brito by America TVthe driver revealed that in full live, Mauro Icardi was sending him messages denying what his ex-partner said. “Sorry, sorry, he’s writing to me from Istanbul. He tells me ‘Ángel later I’ll send you photos that we were together all Sunday,'” the journalist said.

“We slept together until Monday. Wanda lies a lot,” was another of the messages that the footballer let him know. This situation confused the media, who turned red with shame, and released: “What a beautiful scene, and I got on the plane. It makes me laugh that I write to you. This relationship is incredible.”

To all this, the program was carried out after nine at night on Friday, October 21 and in Turkey, from where Icardi was writing, it was around three in the morning. Despite this, the former player of Inter Italy was on the screen of America TV to see the interview with Wanda Nara. “They are nonsense, it does not change the situation,” said the jury of Who is the mask?

“He separated when I said that we were playing a little with the press. And there he put the message on Instagram”, Icardi specified in the continuity of messages to De Brito. “If I separated two days later or two days before, it does not change, if we are separated the same,” Wanda replied, angry at the situation. Ultimately, Icardi confirmed that he will be in THE M: “It’s all a lie. We’ll see each other in November and I’ll tell you the whole truth with proof of everything.”

Icardi revealed a fiery encounter with Wanda Nara

Mauro Icardi He was once again in the eye of the storm and not for football reasons. The player of Galatasaray used his social networks to answer to Wanda Narawho had ensured that they were separated in his account Twitterand released a comment where he revealed that they recently saw each other in Argentina.

Amid the rumors of romance between Wanda Nara and L-Ghentthe soccer player Mauro Icardi broke the silence through a controversial tweet in response to his now ex-partner. It all started when Nara echoed the newspaper article of City Magazine where they took reconciliation for granted. “I have nothing to forgive, we are separated. Thank you for not consulting me,” the media said angrily.

Faced with this comment, Icardi revealed a detail that no one knew. “Separated like when I went to Argentina a few days ago? I sign it. We had a great time,” said the soccer player, accompanied by the emoji of a face with drool in his mouth, implying that they were intimate in the reunion held days ago.

The tweet did not have any response from Wanda Nara, but the users of the social network did express themselves, who did not take what Icardi said in the best way.. “You spoiled everything”; “Mauro, what’s wrong with you?”; were some of the criticisms along with memes of all kinds.

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Mauro Icardi decided to reveal the truth about Wanda Nara: “I tell you everything”