June 10, 2021

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Matthew Perry and his attitude in ‘Friends: Reunion’, explained

Matthew Perry and his attitude in Friends Reunion explained

    How is the Internet. It turns out that the only thing that was left of the special reunion of Friends: The Reunion (HBO) the digital mass consciousness is that Matthew Perry talks weird, that he looks, hmmm, strange in what has come to be the mouth area. And, for a change, that shapeless mass loses its words, which is the important thing: how he lived the role of Chandler. Whether it is true or not that the actor had just undergone an emergency dental procedure prior to filming the special, which was not postponed, according to the tabloid newspaper. The Sun, what really counts is what the actor says during Friends: The Reunion about how he lived the series in contrast to how the rest of his classmates lived it. He has always been very honest with his addiction to alcohol and narcotics and his subsequent rehabilitation, so there is no doubt that his teeth could have given him a bit of a problem. Didn’t we want a meeting? Didn’t we want sincerity? Real sincerity, not that marketing outrage in the form of news about him. platonic love between David Schwimmer and Jennifer Anniston.

    “I felt like I was going to die [en el plató, la noche en que se grababa] if they didn’t laugh. And it’s not healthy, for sure. But sometimes he would blurt out a sentence and they wouldn’t laugh and he’d start to sweat and have seizures, “Perry says.” You never told us, “his colleagues tell him.” That’s how I felt every night, “he concludes. He didn’t say it. to justify his addiction to alcohol and painkillers from 1997, which started with an accident with a jet ski (which introduced Vicodin, in House plan, in his life) That sincerity is the reason for the special, right? See exactly where all the actors are now. If in someone the shadow of Friends It has been lengthened, it has been in Perry’s case.

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    Matthew Perry has nothing to hide. Since he opened his Instagram account, especially to promote his participation in the Cameo platform, in which celebrities charge money to record personalized videos (BBC, you know, weddings, baptisms and birthdays …), it has been clear that it is aware of where he is and, above all, that his fans know where he is (by place, I mean vital place). The actor’s fans already knew what they were going to find. (Perry, by the way, was charging $ 1,000 for each personalized video … for video messages of less than a minute.) The point is, he’s always been pretty transparent about his trip to hell. Perry’s irregular return to sobriety, as well as the operations he has undergone, have been sufficiently documented.

    That’s why that confession about the pressure I felt on the show is important. In 1997, a jet ski accident introduced Perry to the use of pain relievers after his recovery. In a legendary interview with People magazine in 2002, he said that “from the beginning I liked how he made me feel [el consumo de Vicodina], and wanted to get more. “The new revelation the special does not justify his addiction, but explains how he felt when he began to combine alcohol and painkillers.” It was out of control, “he said in that interview, still filming the series, very American .

    In 2000, he was hospitalized for pancreatitis resulting from excessive alcohol consumption. It was one of his most talked about entries, also still in the series. However, he did not give up alcohol (although he did give up painkillers). In 2001, a year after undergoing surgery, he was drinking a liter of vodka a day while filming. Friends, according to the actor confessed. “Of course, never while working. But the hangovers were brutal. I was sleepy and shaking at work,” he said years later. It was that year, 2001, that he took rehab seriously. For two months he was in a detox center and came out clean. A decade later, in 2011, he entered rehab again to “focus,” as he explained in a statement, on his sobriety. Starting in 2013, she decided that she also wanted to help others recover. So turned his home in Malibu, California, into The Perry House, a center of sober living for men. In 2015, however, he closed this house for financial reasons (he has ended up selling it) with plans to reopen in a different location, which never happened.

    In 2016, he also admitted in an interview on BBC 2 Radio “not remembering” at least three seasons (between season 3 and season 6) of Friend. Perry underwent gastrointestinal surgery in 2018. So no, Matthew Perry is keeping no secrets. We know exactly what is wrong with you.

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