“Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay”, who was eliminated and what happened in the cooking reality show?

With Eunice Castro Y bad charles on the balcony, and Martin Kesmann, Luana, Danna Liberman, Sarah PerroneEnrique “Pelado” Pena, Eduardo “Colo” GianarelliRonnie Arias Y Abigail Pereira fighting to stay in the competition started a new episode of Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay.

As if it were a fashion show, the 10 participants who are still on the way entered the gastronomy reality show that has as jurors sergio puglia, Ximena Torres Y Laurent Laine.

More than competing, tonight they had to play. First they were separated into pairs and then each member had to play darts, or move a cup with toilet paper.

The duos were integrated by Luana and Martin, Abigail and Colo, Sara and Danna and Pelado with Ronnie. The latter started poorly but ended up winning the benefit test.


elimination test

The elimination test was to replicate a street food dish between Arepas, Lehmenyún, Burritos and Souvlaki. The pairs of the previous test now had to make the same dish, and the least successful did not continue in the contest.

Once the time was up, the eight participants said they felt confident with their preparations.


Tasting and return

Abigail and Colo were the first to go to the front with their Lehmenyún.
“In Uruguay it is quite present. It has to be able to be rolled up and for that the dough has to be malleable,” explained Torres, who said that there were good things in each dish. The remaining jurors agreed on the opinion.

Sara and Danna were the second with their arepas. “Two personalities, two visions. Sara, your stuffing is well seasoned,” said Puglia. “In Danna’s case it’s a little undercooked and the stuffing is chunky,” she added.
“They are arepas with different personalities. Perhaps Danna’s lacks flavor,” Torres commented.

Ronnie and Pelado presented their souvlaki. One of the flaws in your dish, Ronnie, is the meat. It gives the feeling that it is boiled. The peeled dough is a bit thick and has a lot of bell pepper” commented Puglia.

Last, Luana and Martin brought their burritos. “Both are accomplished. There was one stronger than the other,” Laine said. They were, due to the return of the juries, the most even in this elimination round.


Announcement of the new deleted

After a pause, the juries announced who were the best of each pair, the best dish and the new eliminated.

Sara and Danna were the first to be called forward. “The best arepa was Sara’s,” said Puglia. “Besides, you were the best dish of the day,” the chef added before inviting her up to the balcony.

Martin and Luana were next. “It was a very even matchup,” Torres said. “The best burrito of the day was Luana’s” added the jury of the competition. With all the energy in her, Luana went up to the balcony.

Abigail and Colo were the third. Without much preamble, Lainé announced that the best lehmenyún had been that of Colo Gianarelli.

Ronnie and Pelado were the last to be called. Puglia announced that the best had been Pelado, who immediately went up to the balcony.

In this way Ronnie, Danna, Abigail and Martin had the least successful dishes of the night. “Whoever leaves the kitchens of Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay today is: Danna”Torres announced.

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“Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay”, who was eliminated and what happened in the cooking reality show?