“Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay” defined its semifinalists: who they are and who left

After a day outdoors and with Eduardo “Colo” Gianarelli confirmed as the first semi-finalist, the team from Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay he returned to his traditional kitchens for a defining delivery, which began with an empty room.

It is that when the five contestants made their traditional entrance, the jurors Ximena Torres, sergio puglia Y Laurent Laine they were not in the usual position. They appeared, after a bell was rung that rested alone on a table, wearing black aprons: this time, it was they who served the contestants, who were as delighted as they were distrustful of such a banquet.

After tasting a variety of dishes and desserts, Gianarelli went up to the balcony and Martin Kesman, Eunice Castro, Abigail Pereira Y Sarah Perrone They discovered, from the mouth of Joan Roca del Celler de Can Roca, what the stage test was going to be about. The mission was to make, in 45 minutes, a plate of sustainable kitchen from what was left over from the buffet that the jury had offered him. “Works from leftovers”, summarized Ximena Torres.

The test was so intense that Abigail required medical assistance, after feeling a stitch in her chest that strongly conditioned her when it came to working. She was able, like the rest of her classmates, to finish on time.

Abigail Pereira She was the first to come to the fore with a “Bella Italia” cause, a personal adaptation of the Lima cause inspired by the neighborhood in which she grew up. Torres praised the aesthetic replication and playfulness of the dish, but noted the lack of “punch” in the flavor. In that sense, Puglia found him very soft, and Lainé supported his colleagues.

Martin Kesman He presented some gravlax and ricotta sorrentinos with fennel cream that, already by name, promised a lot. The French chef made some criticisms of the sauce, which Torres underlined and Puglia finished off with a forceful phrase: “The sauce has no personality.” However, he highlighted the potential of the paste itself, and of the filling in particular.

Eunice Castro offered a lamb pie with mashed sweet potatoes and potatoes, and a grilled vegetable mousseline. Puglia welcomed the idea, but considered that the model and actress bet on doing too much in too little time. “You wanted to cover a lot,” Lainé told him. “I see those dishes and they have nothing to do with you,” said Torres, who, like her classmates, failed the textures.

The hand was complicated and then it was up to Sarah Perrone, and his turkey curry with flatbread. “Ay, Sara…” Torres told her, pausing dramatically before he was full of praise. Puglia gave him an enthusiastic “Hallelujah!” and Perrone was moved; her outstanding performance transformed her into the second semifinalist of Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay 3.

The jury then deliberated and decided that Martin Kesman became the third semi-finalist of the season. Thus, Abigail and Eunice had to face each other in one last culinary challenge to decide who was going to keep the last available quota.

For that, they went back to cooking with the leftovers from the buffet and again in 45 minutes. It was a skin-deep test and on the verge of tears.

Exhausted after the second round, Eunice presented some spinach ribbons with salmon, dill and walnut sauce that allowed her, the jury said, to vindicate her previous performance. She was congratulated by everyone. “It’s delicious. That dish is you,” Torres rewarded her.

Abigail closed the day with some arancini or croquettes with spicy tomato jam that were also highly praised. “I really liked the tomato with the cinnamon and the spice,” said Lainé. The sauce left the three professionals very satisfied. “The work was magnificent,” highlighted Puglia.

“It was two big shots,” Torres told them before sending them to the dressing room for one last deliberation. In private, the two ended up embracing and moved, talking about their resilience.

Finally, Eunice Castro became the fourth and last semifinalist of Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay, and Abigail Pereira said goodbye to the competition in a closing full of emotion.

Thus, Colo Gianarelli, Sara Perrone, Martín Kesman and Eunice Castro will compete for the title of the new famous master of national cuisine.

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“Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay” defined its semifinalists: who they are and who left