“MasterChef: Celebrity 2”: the blue team debuted with bloopers, creole and elimination

“Going in there already with the apron is like: well, the fuck is over,” he said. Saravia board this Tuesday in a new installment of MasterChef: Celebrity Uruguay. His sentence marked the entrance of the blue Team to the kitchens, that is, the debut of a new batch of participants in the competition. The first ones were released a week ago, in a day that ended with the elimination of Lali Sonsol.

Unlike the red team, whose first challenge was almost a game of posts that had to do with moving pieces of sushi from one place to another, here it was necessary to cook first. The initial test involved each preparing a Creole sauce, who was compared to Carlos Gardel in the discussion about his Argentine or Uruguayan identity.

After the jokes, the controversy and the nerves, the jury was divided to do the tasting. Those who stood out the most went directly to the balcony and those were Patricio Gimenez, who out of enthusiasm stumbled upon a wastebasket – “I look like Susana,” he joked – the young singer And Padilla, and Paula silva. The actress’s announcement was one of the bloopers of the day, since the pronunciation of her name by the French Laurent Lainé generated a confusion, which made DJ Paola Dalto think he was talking about her.

Giménez, Padilla and Silva were given the responsibility of choosing, among three dishes, which one was going to have to prepare each participant in the elimination test. Thus, Graciela Rodríguez and Julio Ríos were assigned the children involved; Sebastián Almada, Ledys “Panchito” Araujo and Dalto, la humita; and Marcelo Capalbo, Vitto Saravia and Claudia Umpiérrez, Creole carbonada.

The proof had what they always have, the proofs of MasterChef: nerves, some other problem, screaming, a cappella songs and many metaphors related to the category in which each of the competitors perform, of the “difficult game” type and so on.

The first to present his plate to the jury was Julio Rios, but their swaddled children were spotty. “Because there is a misunderstanding with the sauce, the doneness of the cabbage, and the filling lacks a bit of personality,” Sergio Puglia told him. At this stage of the competition, declared the sports journalist, he was not bothered by that last criticism; after all, that’s what it’s all about MasterChef. To learn and hopefully find a style.

Graciela Rodriguez he had to cook the same, but received a more generous return, especially from the demanding French chef who celebrated the doneness of the meat and the consistency of its sauce, something that is usually very picky. Ximena Torres and Puglia criticized her for the excess oregano, so much so that the latter threatened her: “The next time I see you grab it, I’ll cut your hand, because you put oregano as if it were grated cheese.” Far from being upset with the notice, the actress was moved because she understood that in that way of spicing she had brought something of her mother’s memory to the famous kitchens of television.

Earlier, Torres had already challenged her to test with her finger whether what was in front of her was salt or sugar. There are things that, in the professional kitchen, cannot be done.

“The corn is very well cooked, it is ready. The doneness, in general, is fine; what yes, it lacks salt and some pepper, because it is very bland”, were the words of Lainé to Claudia Umpierrez and its Creole carbonada. Puglia pointed out that the meat was “chewy”, so the premiere of the soccer referee was, like Ríos’s, uneven. It seemed the tonic of the night for sports figures, but former basketball player Marcelo Capalbo raised the bar. Although it had aspects to improve, the taste lived up to expectations and that left it quite on track.

But the best carbonade of the night was that of Saravia board. “I must say that you have a very good hand to season. It is very tasty,” began Ximena Torres. “I found the apricot at the point, I discovered the apple at the exact point. The pumpkin is very well flavored,” said Puglia. And Lainé synthesized: “It’s very good.” It was the highlight of the night and that made it the first to go up to the balcony.

The person in charge of opening the round of humita was Paola Dalto, which after the initial blooper continued on a failed path. The jurors told him that the filling was insufficient, that the flavor of the corn was diluted and that the appearance of his plate lacked “pop”; Dalto is a DJ.

The corn cream of the humitas de Sebastian Almada, that he had shown off at the auditions, Yes it was “very rich and well seasoned” to understand the driver of Puglia Invites. He did not convince the artistic intention he had when making the H for humita with the beet puree, and the French did not like the amount of bell pepper and onion he used either. But he was the one who best met the challenge of preparing that typical food based on corn and so characteristic of Andean cuisine.

Panchito Araujo It also went overboard with the bell pepper and, on top of that, it had a lack of neatness in the cuts, misuse of spicy and a not very attractive presentation. “Morrón and new account,” joked the parodist wittily.

When making decisions and after recognizing Saravia’s as the best dish of the night, the jurors announced that Graciela Rodríguez, Marcelo Capalbo, Sebastián Almada, Claudia Umpiérrez and Julio Ríos were going up to the balcony, in that order, who was saved by the cooking point of the cabbage.

The heads-up, it was to be expected, was between Dalto and Araujo, and in the end it was Panchito the second eliminated from the competition of season 2.

“It was a great joy to have you and that you wanted to take that risk,” Puglia told him, and the parodist replied: “What I take with me is meeting people, the value that I always carry with me. The experience was spectacular and I am glad to have participated “.

His teammates returned an ovation, cheers and chants with his name. And at the request of the jury, before retiring from the kitchens set up in Estudio 9, Araujo revealed that he would like Almada to win. There is still a long way to go to know if that forecast will be fulfilled in MasterChef.