‘Master of None’, criticizes: more mature, but recovering its best essence

Master of None always tried to defy the canons of comedies with airs of dramas of the Netflix series. The platform, whose main source of production focuses on the series, had a cluttered catalog of identical options in 2015. Romance and the search for true love were part of a plot dynamic of a good number of shows. All obsessed with modern loneliness.

Master of None he narrated a seemingly simple story with authorial airs, adding layers of psychological complexity to his characters. The result was a collection of views on loneliness, uprooting and the search for identity. As well as an appropriate combination of a strong script, a solid cast, and a complex premise. What is love in an age that celebrates the immediate and that seeks satisfaction without compromise?

The third season from the series already available on Netflix it is an evolution of that conception of contemporary emotions. The plot makes the decision to break with its major plot lines to take the risk of a new story. And he does so with a renewed sensitivity, which is also an exploration of the series’ most recurrent obsessions.

There is a much more adult, consistent and fulfilling look in the way that Master of None asks questions about human nature. Also in the way he finds a way to reformulate love as the motor center of his plot. If before, the characters of the series had a painful and almost always ironic journey about identity, the third season open a look at something more complex.

Of course, the Netflix series has a unique personality and several factors come together in the way the third season perceives itself. During his long absence on television, Master of None faced various problems at the same time they questioned the continuity of the series. The rewriting of the script and the accusations of inappropriate behavior against the protagonist of the series, Aziz Ansari, led to Master of None to a kind of awkward limbo.