Marvel | “Loki”: This is what happened in the second chapter of the new Disney Plus series | Lady Loki

With the premiere of weekly episodes, “Loki”, the series starring Tom Hiddleston, continues the journey of the God of Deception, after fleeing in a scene from “Avengers: Endgame.” This production is the third television series in the Universe Marvel, premiered in Disney+, junto a “WandaVision” y “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

What happened in the second chapter of “Loki”? Here are the keys to this first episode, starring Tom Hiddleston y Owen Wilson.


The episode takes us to Wisconsin in 1985, where the variant continues its plan to steal the machines that reset the nexus timelines. At the beginning of the chapter, Miss Minutes tells Loki that if the temporary lines are not reset and they reach a red threshold, the variant line becomes irreversible. Does the multiverse start here?

Continuing with chapter 1, Loki decides to work alongside Mobius to capture the fugitive variant. With that new mission, Loki discovers that the variant is hidden in the apocalypses, since those apocalyptic situations reset the entire timeline and the variants are erased in the midst of chaos. LokiWith the explanation from TVA, he learns that the agency has been working with various variants of Loki over time.

Mobius y Loki They arrive in 2050 to catch the new variant, along with agents from the TVA. In this shop, it is revealed to Lady Loki (named after the fans). What is its true origin? A question that still has no answer.


The final scenes of the second episode of “Loki” let us see the god of Lies meeting his “most evil” version. This version, not yet revealed as Lady Loki, is interpreted by the actress Sophia Di Martino, who in the translation credits in Castilian receives the name Sylvie. Are we in front of Sylvie Lushton, Marvel’s new Enchantress?

What is known about this character is that Sylvie Lushton first appeared in the Dark Reign: Young Avengers # 1 comics, following the Asgardians’ move to Oklahoma. This character is created by Loki himself, who made him believe that he was an Asgardian by birth. With the powers granted by Loki, Sylvie decides to become an Enchantress and fight for good. For her part, Lady Loki appears after Loki takes over the body of Lady Sif, in his escape.

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