Martín Redrado broke the silence: “Continuing to feed this fantasy that I am Matilda’s father really does no good for anyone”

Within the framework of the International Book Fair, Martin Redrado He broke the silence and talked about everything: the trial he maintains with Luciana Salazarthe reasons why you did not pay more for fertility treatment in the United States and he flatly denied being Matilda’s father.

I’m fine, I’m with an exceptional woman [en referencia a su pareja, Lulú Sanguinetti] , but I try not to talk about my private life. But I am happy, my children too, I am in a very good moment”, said Martín Redrado before the microphone of show partners when asked about his current relationship status.

“Does something still link you to Luli Salazar? Do you still feel Matilda like a daughter?” Asked the eltrece chronicler without a filter. “I want to say it with all the letters: Matilda Salazar is not my daughter. Luciana made a decision that I respected, supported and accompanied while we were a couple, but that ended four years ago. All the commitments I made were as a couple, we are no longer a couple and, therefore, I do not have any commitments that I have to fulfill, apart from those that I have already fulfilled, which were many”, explained the economist.

“Therefore, continuing to feed this fantasy that I am Matilda’s father is really not good for anyone, it’s not good for our families, or anyone involved. I’m not Matilda’s father”, he repeated once more bluntly.

After assuring that he is available to Justice when required, the former economy minister made reference to the Instagram stories that Salazar published last night on his social network: “From the heart, we had an important story and when each one mourns as best he can; therefore I respect his way of doing it, but it is a story that is already finished”, he affirmed.

“Would you reconnect with Matilda?” The mobile player insisted. “I reiterate, I am not the father, I am not a couple either and therefore it is not up to me to have the place of Luciana’s partner now or the one she has in the future,” she concluded.

After seeing Martín Redrado’s note, Luciana Salazar communicated with show partners and he denied each of the economist’s sayings. “I never said that Martín Redrado was the biological father of my daughter. So I hope no one else cheats on that topic because I always made it very clear”, Warned the furious model.

“Martín Redrado is lying blatantly. Here not only I speak, but there are witnesses to all this. The main one is Ana Rosenfeld and also a friend of his. It is a lie that you have no obligations, you have obligations for many years to come under the signature of a notary public. Don’t insist on this topic anymore because it makes me look like a delirious crazy person”, she pointed annoyed.

When asked by Mariana Brey about what the obligations that Redrado undertook to fulfill were, the actress exploded once again: “Please, I ask, I don’t want one more journalist to question me about what he has to give me or not, ask he what he signed. He is not a person who does not know what he signs, “she said to her shouts while addressing the journalist:” You speak so lightly that you know nothing about the subject. For something I resort to Justice, I am not bothering the lawyers because yes, “she warned.

“If you know a little about the law, since you have so many lawyer friends in your contacts, a person who signs something has to take charge. Don’t question me anymore Mariana, if he has something signed he has to take charge (…). I don’t have to tell you about them because they are part of my private life. You cannot question me if I tell you that there is something signed and for a long time, “she repeated at the panelist’s insistence on knowing the signed contract in detail.

“But he says it isn’t. I can choose who to believe, excuse me, ”Brey launched, making the blonde even angrier. “There are papers, public notaries, I kept calling myself a liar. You never take the woman’s side,” Salazar yelled at him, taking the discussion to a personal level. “I never called you a liar, the one who called Redrado a liar was you,” the panelist defended herself.

While the drivers Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich tried to put cold cloths on the situation, Salazar explained: “It bothers me that they are questioning me: ‘Why would Redrado have to give her something?’ Because that’s what he signed, guys. I can’t believe he is so brazen to lie so much. He first lied that we are back in Miami, I have all the witnesses, all the chats, everything. What happens is that he is lying to many people“, Shooting.

“He lied to the girlfriend (Lulu Sanguinetti) from day one. I look for myself four times, and I say the word abuse because Mariano Cuneo Libarona told me. A person who advances you sexually and you have to stop him is an abuser… And I have proof of that too. I did not report him because I am not looking for a scandal, he leads me to this instance, “she revealed while warning:” You do not know a quarter of what this person did to me. There are many things that have to do with my daughter, he asked me begging for a reconnection and there are audios of that. I have everything to show Justice.”

“Why would someone who is not the father, who is no longer your partner, who is about to marry someone else, want to continue seeing a girl who is the daughter of another man?” asked Karina Iavícoli, awakening the fury in her again. Salazar. “First, she is not anyone’s daughter, don’t say another man, let’s have respect with that issue,” she crossed her annoyed at her last sentence.

After apologizing for her erroneous expression, the journalist returned to the ring: “You are keeping it as a supreme truth all the time and you never finish telling what is happening,” she said. However, Matilda’s mother again blamed her ex for her attitude: “Here this man is making me look crazy (…). We are facing a person who simulates everything. This man signed an agreement where he even asked for the reunion with Matilda. He shows himself to be something he is not, I have confessions of him telling me that. The one who is delirious is him, not me. I have a lot of evidence, witnesses. ANow I am in a commercial lawsuit for the things that he signed and did not comply with. And I’m not going to tell what he signed because my daughter is in the middle. Surely when the demand comes out they will have access”, he clarified once again.

“And he always lied to this girl (in reference to Sanguinetti), because our relationship did not end four years ago, we came back last year. Last year, a lot of things happened to me that this person did to me off-screen and that I have to express because it is the only way I have to defend myself, “she concluded, justifying her continuous posts on Instagram.

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Martín Redrado broke the silence: “Continuing to feed this fantasy that I am Matilda’s father really does no good for anyone”