Martín Fierro Awards: with an “Oscar-style” show, Luis Ventura announced all the nominees

This Wednesday and after having had to postpone the announcement due to the death of his brotherLuis Ventura finally announced the nominations for the awards Martín Fierro for the best of television in 2021.

As happened in 2019, the President of the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA) revealed the shortlists for the most popular award in the vernacular television industry in Cut by Lozanothe Telefe program hosted by Verónica Lozano.

Ventura arrived at the canal in a black car decorated with a police light on the roof. Once at the door, she got out next to several bodyguards and a briefcase that he did not let go of at any time. Vicky Xipolitakis received him at the door dressed in an imposing white strapless dress with floral designs, who accompanied him on her arm until she met Lozano.

In a studio prepared for the occasion -decorated with black and gold tones- and with the host and her panelists dressed in gala, the journalist spoke of the imminent handover ceremony.

“For me the Martín Fierro is more important than the Oscar”, He sentenced and said that many underestimate these awards. In addition, she said that it is a special gala since, due to the pandemic, the delivery has not been made for two years and that it is the 50th ceremony.

Ventura then announced the competitors for the forty statuettes that will be delivered on Sunday May 15 in an exclusive ceremony that will take place in the Puerto Madero Hilton Hotel. This year, the one chosen to lead the event was Marley and the transmission will be carried out by Telefe.


bake-off (Telephone)

Cut and confection (the thirteen)

MasterChef Y Master Chef Celebrity (Telephone)

Big Show

The Argentine Voice (Telephone)

ShowMatch The Academy (the thirteen)

Done deal (Telephone)

TV jury

Ricardo Montaner, solitude, Lali, Mau&Ricky (The Argentine Voice)

Donato Di Santis, German Martitegui, Damian Betular (Master Chef Celebrity)

Angel de Brito, Pampita, Jimena Barón, Hernán Piquín (ShowMatch The Academy)

Nacha Guevara, Karina la Princesita, Oscar Mediavilla, Moria Casán (singing 2020)


The Veron Tiger (the thirteen)

The 1-5/18 (the thirteen)

small victories (Telephone)

Monsoon (Telephone)


intractable (America TV)

Fire friend (The nine)

journalism for all (the thirteen)

XXI Century ATR (Telephone)


team flower (Telephone)

nara what to see (The nine)

us in the morning (the thirteen)

Every afternoon (The nine)

Cut by Lozano (Telephone)

entertainment with games

The roulette of your dreams (America TV)

Welcome aboard (the thirteen)

minute to win (Telephone)

Entertaining with knowledge

One hundred Argentines say (Telephone)

Pass word (Telephone)

the 8 steps (the thirteen)

Who knows more about Argentina? (Public TV)

humorous / topical

blessed tv (The nine)

It’s not too late (Telephone)

Controversy at the Bar (America TV)

Hosting in humorous program / current affairs

Diego Korol (Net TV)

Beto Casella (The Nine)

Guillermo Lopez (America TV)

Work in male driving

Dario Barassi (100 Argentines saythe thirteen)

Santiago del Moro (Master Chef Celebrityphone)

Mariano Judica (Controversy at the barAmerica TV)

Guido Kaczka (Welcome aboardthe thirteen)

Marcelo Tinelli (ShowMatch The Academythe thirteen)

Marley (Around the world, The voice, minute to winphone)

Work in female driving

Karina Mazzocco (In the afternoon, América TV)

Florence Pena (team flowerphone)

Joan Viale (Having lunch with Mirtha Legrandthe thirteen)

Veronica Lozano (Cut by LozanoTelefe)

General interest

Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand (the thirteen)

PH, we can talk (Telephone)

I live for you (The nine)

daytime newscast

Up Argentines (the thirteen)

The people’s news (the thirteen)

soap opera at noon (The nine)

central newscast

America news (America TV)

Telefe News (Telephone)

Telenoche (the thirteen)

leading actor

Facundo Arana (small victoriesphone)

Luciano Caceres (The 1-5/18the thirteen)

Marco Antonio Caponi (The Veron Tigerthe thirteen)

Julius Chavez (The Veron Tigerthe thirteen)

leading actress

Augustine Cherry (The 1-5/18the thirteen)

Juliet Diaz (small victoriesphone)

Lily Gonzalez (The 1-5/18the thirteen)

Natalie Perez (small victoriesphone)

Supporting actor

Alberto Ajaca (Apachephone)

Diego Cremonesi (Monsoon / The Veron Tigerphone)

Roly Serrano (The 1-5/18the thirteen)

Supporting Actress

Leticia Bredice (The 1-5/18the thirteen)

Sofia Galla (Apache / The Veron Tigereltrece / Telefe)

Florence Ragi (Monsoonphone)


Dario Barassi (100 Argentines saythe thirteen)

Jay Mammon (The SuckersAmerica TV)

Mau&Ricky (The Argentine Voicephone)

Travels and tourism

selfie (America TV)

Around the world (Telephone)

Rest of the world (the thirteen)

Male journalistic work

Rodolfo Barilli (Telefe)

Nelson Castro (the thirteen)

Jorge Lanata (the thirteen)

Female journalistic work

Soledad Larghi (America TV)

Marisa Andino (The Nine)

Cristina Pérez (Telefe)

Silvia Martinez Cassina (eltrece)

humorous work

Martin Campy (team flowerphone)

Robert Moldavsky (Done dealphone)

Patrick Muzzio (Morfi’s rockphone)

comprehensive production

The 1-5/18 (the thirteen)

The Argentine Voice (Telephone)

Master Chef Celebrity (Telephone)


Martin Candalaft (America TV)

Paulo Kablan (Telefe)

Yanina Latorre (eltrece)


Guillermo Panizza (Telefe)

Fabian Rubino (America TV)

Santiago Zeyen (eltrece)


the rock of morphi (Telephone)

The Mammons (America TV)

country festival (Public TV)

saturday passion (America TV)


the football show (America TV)

passion for soccer (the thirteen)

Let the paddocks return (Public TV)

Cultural / Educational

environment and environment (The nine)

Argentinian emotion archive (Public TV)

film library (Public TV)


Argentine cooks (Public TV)

cook (the thirteen)

what a morning (The nine)

Author / Screenwriter

The Veron Tiger: Germán Maggiori and Marcos Osorio Vidal (eltrece)

The 1-5/18: Lily Ann Martin, Jessica Valls and Marcelo Nacci (eltrece)

small victories: Erika Halvorsen and Daniel Burman (Telefe)


Adrian CaetanoApachephone)

Alejandro Ibanez and Jorge Nisco (The 1-5/18the thirteen)

John Taratuto (small victoriesphone)

Advertising Notice (Product)

Quarantine (Easy) Gift

Everything is better in black and white (Stella Artois) Gut

I see, I see (Flow) Don

Institutional Spot (Services and Organizations)

Infinia, New Formula (Ypf) Mutinous Hare

Essentials (Free Market) Gut

Payada (Liberal Collective Project) Together With

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Martín Fierro Awards: with an “Oscar-style” show, Luis Ventura announced all the nominees