Marjorie de Sousa supports the reconciliation of Julián Gil and his son Matías

Marjorie de Sousa supports the reconciliation of Julián Gil and his son Matías and he surprises when he tells how he talks about his father’s issue with the child, emphasizing that he will support him if “Mati” decides to look for him later.

The return of Marjorie de Sousa to Mexico has been loaded with several surprises. It was yesterday when the actress appeared as part of the cast of the new telenovela “Stroke of luck” that the producer will do Nicandro Diaz, who made great stories like “My way is to love you” and “My fortune is to love you” recently. Marjorie, she stated that her character will be a much more evil villain than her darling.”kendra ferretti” from “True Loves”.

Previously, Marjorie de Sousa had participated in “the soulless” and went abroad for various professional commitments but today he is happy to return to Mexico, a country that has received him with love and great professional opportunities.

The Venezuelan actress looked very happy attending to the press and did not evade the subject of Julian Gilfor which his followers celebrated that he considered the best for his son Matías by supporting a relationship with the actor.

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It was years ago when in a legal dispute, Julián Gil lost the parental authority of his youngest son, Matíassame as he was fruit of his relationship with Marjorie de Sousa and although the actor has expressed his desire to live with his son, he has assured that the actress from “Hasta el fin del mundo” has prevented it.

On this occasion, marjorie desousa He assured that he has raised his son from love and confirmed that if the child wanted it, he would support him to reconcile with his father and have a good relationship, but he did not give more details.

For many years, Marjorie has been criticized for taking the boy away from his father, but now it is she who says that she will not stop it, a decision made by her followers and those of Julian Gil have applauded for being the best for matias.

Marjorie de Sousa, will she reconcile with Eduardo Yáñez?

The arrival of Marjorie de Sousa to “Golpe de Suerte” not only marks her return to Mexico but her reunion with a ex lovethe great Eduardo Yáñez who will also be one of the protagonists of the story along with Mayrin Villanueva.

Eduardo himself got a little nervous when talking about the subject and pointed out that in 2012 things with Marjorie de Sousa had not worked out because she stopped paying attention to him, something to which she immediately responded by pointing out that it was not like that, but Yáñez He recognized that she was still a great woman, beautiful and that she had everything.

Marjorie de Sousa supports the reconciliation of Julián Gil and his son Matías. Special

The main cast of “Stroke of Luck”

Although the followers of both ask that they return, Eduardo Yáñez confirmed that Marjorie de Sousa had a partner and although he did not give names, he stressed that he respected the relationship a lot, so his current relationship with the actress would be merely professional and friendly.

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Marjorie de Sousa supports the reconciliation of Julián Gil and his son Matías