Marina Squerciati’s vacation after Chicago PD season 10 finale

The Chicago PD season 10 finale has left hundreds of fans who watch the series week after week speechless. However, the cast members are on a well-deserved rest and Marina Squerciati has been sharing what she is experiencing now that she is away from the film set.

Throughout the ten seasons of Chicago P.D.intelligence officer Kim Burgess (played by Marina Squerciati) has become a fan-favorite character from the popular police series. After appearing in the first episode of Stepping Stones in 2014, he starred in the high-octane action drama of the world of One Chicago in over 170 episodes and in the most recent installments has become a central part of the plot with his story.

During that time on the streets of Chicago, the character of Marina Squerciati he fought the baddest bad guys, but he didn’t have it easy either. Whether it was risking her life to save her teammates, living through a tumultuous love triangle, or being kidnapped and severely injured by a murderous gangster, Agent Kim Burgess seriously earned her reputation on the series.

It is true that the actress is currently one of the most prominent characters in the series, she came to her with a long career in show business that many fans may not be aware of. Marina Squerciati has become a central part ever since her co-stars like Sophia Bush who left in the fourth season and Tracy Spiridakos (Hailey Upton) who lost some popularity.

Part of the tenth season of Chicago PD was focused on the character of Marina Squerciati and the fans did not issue any complaints, due to the fact that his current story is one of the most shocking and dramatic in the police series. Due to the great effort that Squerciati made and now that the most recent installment has aired its final episode, he is enjoying a well-deserved vacation and has been sharing it on his social networks.

Marina Squerciati went on vacation following the Chicago PD season 10 finale

Marina Squerciati is enjoying a rest after Chicago PD final

The star published in his social networks some photos and videos of your visit to the Dead Sea, which is famous for its high concentration of salt that can easily be floated. In fact, Marina Squerciati He used a drone to show how he was floating, while in one of his photos he was covered in mud all over his body, assuring all his fans how happy he was enjoying his vacation after the end of Chicago P.D.

Although the Kim Burgess actress and the other cast members are resting and preparing for the next season of Chicago P.D., many of the fans are desperate to know what will happen to all the characters. So far it is known that the return of the series will happen in September, so all that remains is to wait patiently.

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Marina Squerciati’s vacation after Chicago PD season 10 finale