Maribel de Santiago: the contestant rejected in 5 auditions to be NBL


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There have been many candidates who have gone through the casting of Nuestra Belleza Latina throughout the 11 seasons in which the Univisión show has been held. And although in each season the judges have given their resounding “no” to all kinds of women, one of the contestants for the contest who remained in the memory and the hearts of the viewers, was Maribel de Santiago.

The 27-year-old competed in Nuestra Belleza Latina, in 2011, and in order to conquer the real pass, he did the impossible, being in all the casting that the contest carried out in Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, New York, San Antonio, Chicago and the city of Miami.

With a lot of grace and an authentic personality, but according to the judges, without having the look of a queen that they were looking for, and of whom they came to qualify as “a loquita”, for appearing at the auditions with cardboard, and dolls, Maribel de Santiago was rejected 5 times.


“But girl, are you here again?” you should have come to this casting ”, were some of the phrases that the Mexican had to hear every time she received a“ no ”for an answer.

But showing that she was a woman wanting to achieve her goal, Maribel, who confessed that before the contest she worked hard for a year to save the money necessary to go to the casting that was necessary, in the end she achieved her mission in Miami.

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“My plan is to keep fighting until the next audition, until I convince the judges,” was one of the statements of the beautiful contestant, before reaching the final moment and, after a makeover ordered by the judges: Carlitos Calderón , Lupita Jones and Osmel Sousa, the young woman finally received the pass.

You are not that beautiful, but sign here“Osmel told the Mexican, who amid her happiness, hugged and kissed Osmel with great sympathy.


The young woman not only achieved the royal pass to reach the group of semifinalists, but also advanced to the Royal Mansion, where she was part of the group of 12 chosen contestants and there she advanced with great force, stealing the affection and support of the public, which each time that she was threatened, saved her overwhelmingly.

Unfortunately for her, the judges eliminated her before she could reach the final group of six finalists, and she left the competition proud of having fought for the crown, which was eventually won by Nastassja Bolivar.

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Maribel de Santiago It was ranked eighth, and although it did not win the Nuestra Belleza Latina title, it has undoubtedly been one of the great examples that with perseverance you can fight for your dreams.

Maribel de Santiago the contestant rejected in 5 auditions to

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