Marianela Mirra said what everyone thought of Julieta Poggio: “I didn’t know”

Marianela Mirra pointed out against the 2022 edition of Big Brother and exposed to Juliet Poggioone of the most beloved participants of this season. The ex-participant of the reality analyzed the attitude of the actress and model and made a strong statement on networks that generated great controversy.

Through her Instagram stories, the participant of the program in the 2007 edition gave her opinion on this installment of Big Brother and it was decisive: “Big Brother were the ones from before. All of them were cute, charismatic and intelligent, we proposed themes that covered entire families”. Furthermore, in discharging him, he targeted Juliet and He assured that the only thing he has is “that it is beautiful”.

Precisely, Mirra referred to a moment in which the participants began to imitate their companions at the request of the production and the dancer did not understand the dynamics. Forceful, Marianela wrote: “Juli Poggio is an actress and she didn’t know how to play say it with mime. I love her! But she’s just cute…”.

By last, Mirra closed her defense with an ironic phrase that did not go down well with Juliet’s fans. “Welcome to low cost fame”concluded the participant of The Hotel of the Famous and she assured that she only gives her opinion because the public asks for it and because nobody censors her.

The story of Marianela Mirra with the strong discharge towards Poggio.

Alexis “El Conejo” leaked what happened between Marcos and Juliet in Big Brother

Alexis “The Rabbit” Quirogathe recent entrant removed from Big Brother 2022 (Telefe)gave an intimate interview in which he revealed one of the biggest mysteries of reality: if something happened between Julieta Poggio and Marcos Ginocchio.

frames He made it clear on several occasions that he likes Juliet. For her part, the young woman has a boyfriend outside the house, Lucca Bardelli, so her romance with “El Primo” seemed impossible. However, at various times they were seen suspiciously close and looking at each other with desire. Now that “Rabbit” left the house, he confirmed what everyone suspected..

The Cordovan was a guest at street therapythe podcast of the former player of Big Brother, Cristian “U” Urrizaga, along with Juanita Groisman and Fefe Bongiorno. In the middle of the talk alexis confessed the truth about his two companions. “I am naming you pairs of Big Brothernot all are real, many are platonic. I want you to tell me what you think: Marcos and Juliet. What happened?Juanita wanted to know. “Rabbit” smiled and barely responded with a monosyllable that confirmed everything: “Yes”.

“The answer is yes?” Asked the journalist. “Yes,” agreed the Cordovan. “I think she is saying yes to everything. I understood everything. Yes, no?” The twitter insisted. “Yes,” Alexis replied again. “They were left with a divine fever”, observed Cristian U. “Yes”, Alexis answered again. The video quickly went viral on social media and millions of users speculated that, something probably happened between Juliet and Marcos that never came to light.

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Marianela Mirra said what everyone thought of Julieta Poggio: “I didn’t know”