Margarita Rosa de Francisco empowers mature women by declaring that she loves her aging

Few are the women who are not afraid of the passing of the years and today is the “Seagull” original, Pink Daisy of Franciswho empowers women mature by declaring that she loves her agingappearing before the cameras of a renowned news network proud of their gray hair and wrinkles.

It was in 1994 where next to Guy EckerMargarita Rosa de Francisco made history with the original version of the soap opera “Woman-fragranced coffee”. Not only was it one of the most famous telenovelas worldwide, but it was adapted in various ways and in Mexico it had two versions, “Cuando seas mía” from TV Azteca and “Destilando amor” from Televisa.

The years also make women beautiful

Although Margarita Rosa de Francisco remained active in the world of soap operas and she herself admits that she did resort to some aesthetic procedures to stay young, today she gives a powerful message especially to women, assuring that she enjoys being a spectator of the process of her aging.

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“I feel relieved that I don’t have to be beautiful, young, sexy, or appetizing… the spectacle of my own aging is something I don’t want to miss, I don’t want to get more Botox, or fillers, or anything like that,” said the actress.

Today, at 57 years old, she affirms that beauty is important but that aesthetic procedures do not stop time, but what they stop is the terror of old age. Margarita Rosa de Francisco emphasizes that she tries to feel pretty but not as a show to show others.

Margarita Rosa de Francisco thus joins the trend that celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Cameron Díaz, Jennifer Garner show off where they refuse to alter their face to get rid of years and reminds us that a woman can be beautiful at any stage of her life.

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Margarita Rosa de Francisco empowers mature women by declaring that she loves her aging