Marco Antonio Regil talks about his sexual preferences and the relationship he had with Adamari López – La Vibra

The famous TV presenter Marco Antonio Regil He offered an interview with Yordi Rosado, on his YouTube channel, where he spoke about somewhat controversial issues in his life.

One of the first clarifications made by the artist is that he is not gay. “I have never felt a physical attraction for another man”, he assured to deny the rumors that have circulated for a long time.

The host of television spaces such as ‘Un Nuevo Día’ added in this regard: “I like feminine women, heels, a skirt, long hair, so I see that and I melt.”

He also explained the reasons why he has time without a girlfriend. “I have been officially without a partner for many years, but I am not alone,” he said.

He also indicated that having moved to the United States has been an impediment to finding love. “The American woman is not given to me, I just can’t fit in with them.”

Marco Antonio Regil talks about his relationship with Adamari López

During the interview, the television host also confessed about his break with Luis Fonsi’s ex.

In an open way, Marco Antonio Regil explained one of the reasons for the separation with Adamari López: “I was very practical and I said: ´If I were an actor and they had to put up with me… do scenes of love and bed, if I had to ask them to put up with that, it would be fair for me to put up with it… Since then I learned my lesson and I never dated actresses´ ”.

He also indicated: “We lasted about three months, I couldn’t because we were on his sofa watching his novel Camila with Eduardo Capetillo kissing each other. They were not jealousy, that there is something, but I did not like it because that is my little mouth, why are they kissing me?”.

Marco Antonio Regil also told who the love of his life was and why they could not reach the altar. As he said, the woman who stole his heart like no other was Laura Elizondo, Miss Universe 2005.

“We did not marry Laurita because of me, because we were stupid and immature… If I could go back in time, I would have married Laura Elizondo. The truth is that I love her with all my heart, and it gives me so much happiness to see her happy. But really if I could change a decision of my life, I would have married her, “he said.

Finally, the announcer also explained that he does not rule out the possibility of having a family or a relationship without children in the future.

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Marco Antonio Regil talks about his sexual preferences and the relationship he had with Adamari López – La Vibra