June 9, 2021

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Marcelo Tinelli spoke after the confirmation of coronavirus infections in ShowMatch

Marcelo Tinelli spoke after the confirmation of coronavirus infections in

It was one of the most commented news in the Argentine media. On Tuesday it became known that three producers and six dancers from Showmatch They were infected with coronavirus and the driver received numerous criticisms from those who assured that the corresponding protocols were not followed to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

On the day that marked his return to television after a year and a half of absence, Tinelli assured that both those who were on the air and those who work behind the camera had been duly swabbed. In total there were 196 negative swabs. However, the number of people present in the study and the lack of distancing put the cycle at the center of controversy.

However, there were infections and Tinelli used his Instagram account to download. He made it clear that measures have already been taken and that, at least for now, the recordings of the program that is broadcast in Uruguay on Channel 12 will not stop.

“As a result of the information that circulated in the last hours, from LaFlia we want to clarify that the positive cases of COVID-19 that involve workers of the production company did not occur simultaneously as a result of negligence, but have been appearing alternately in recent weeks, even before ShowMatch aired, and in each case we have applied the recommended isolation protocols, ”wrote the host in his Instagram stories.

The discharge of Marcelo Tinelli. Photo: Instagram capture.
The discharge of Marcelo Tinelli. Photo: Instagram capture.

The opening of this new season of Showmatch, Tinelli had several dancers on stage. And many questioned the hugs, kisses and even the pogo that his comedians did to celebrate the return of the program after a year and a half off the air. However, interviewed for The Morning Angels, the driver gave explanations of the case.

“There was a stir in the networks and from the television itself they criticized the television itself. We have to take care of ourselves and speak properly. You have to make a defense of television. We have to internalize how things are, ”Marcelo began by saying.

“We haven’t worked for a year and a half, so it’s surprising that someone out there who doesn’t know can make a comment. But when someone knows what a television studio is and what it is to employ 300 people and take care of their health, fundamentally, which is what we want to do the most, those comments are surprising and many times they are not understood ”.

Later, Tinelli explained: “We made pictures on the floor that never exceeded 32 or 34 people… That is why we recorded Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Those present were those who had told us they had to be. That’s why I say that that surprises me, “he said.

“They do not know that we have a sanitized study. We have four swabs in a row. Since Saturday we are swabbing 156 people. It can give a negative day and be a false negative, but then negative, negative. There are three doctors on the floor and four outside . A laboratory and a giant tent to take care of us all. No more than three or four people can enter the dressing rooms. These are the data that the health authority sets us. They set standards for us to carry out the program, “he concluded.