Marcelo Tinelli on his relationship with Uruguay: “They have given us an impressive love”

Marcelo Tinelli It was one of the main dishes of the America Business Forum, which takes place this Friday in Punta del Este. He arrived on stage in the company of his youngest son, Lorenzo, who accompanied him during a large part of the interview by Ignatius Gonzalez.

The Argentine communicator began and ended his speech by thanking Uruguay and the Eastern public. “I thank the Uruguayans who have followed me since my beginnings in video match in 1990,” he said.

Consulted by his “teachers”, Tinelli mentioned his father, who transmitted his passion for sports journalism, also to his mentor Juan Alberto Badia and the producer Gustavo Yankelevich. “They saw something in me that I didn’t see,” she said about the talent she was developing for hosting entertainment programs.

“We did unparalleled madness,” he said about his legendary program from the 1990s, adding that most of the hidden cameras of that time could not be reproduced today due to the evolution of humor content.

Tinelli later acknowledged that he works for the rating. “I’m not ashamed to say it. We make programs for many people to see. I’m suspicious when you tell me: ‘I don’t look at the rating, I care that the product is of quality’. It’s as if a greengrocer said: “I don’t mind selling if you don’t have quality fruit. Be careful, if you don’t sell it, it will rot,” he remarked.

About him Dancing, considered that he completed a cycle after 16 years on the air. “Now we have a program with 100 jurors, a format that we are very happy with,” she said of sing with me now and announced that for the second season it will introduce modifications such as closer contact with the public to provide the format, of English origin, with a Latin imprint.

Asked about success, he also spoke about failure. “Success is a path. We have made many failures. We have had seasons that we have lost against strong products from the competition. The message is: don’t give up for a bad rating day. Disaster and genius are parts of the same thing,” he added.

“We have to look for our singularity, with our flaws included. If I’m a stump and I don’t know how to sing, it’s good to say so because many people can identify,” Tinelli considered.

Ignacio González compared him to figures like Susana Giménez or Mario Pergolini, but unlike them, Tinelli “continues to fight day by day for the rating.”

“A lot of people ask me about the retirement issue,” said the 62-year-old driver. “The day I am not motivated to be on TV, I will leave. But I love being in a TV studio accompanying and communicating,” he said, adding that open television has a long life, despite the multiple screens and platforms.

He lamented the political “rift” in his country. “Argentina’s big problem is falling into that crack and not having some points where, regardless of who governs, we all agree,” he said.

About the end he was moved to pose with his family.

Marcelo Tinelli arrived in Punta del Este on Wednesday and will stay until Monday. during the talk with Ignacio Gonzalez he mentioned in passing that he has projects with his production company Laflia that could be generated from Uruguay.
“I have been coming to Uruguay since 1985. We always feel at home. It is a country that I love deeply: you can walk in peace, they have given us an impressive love. I want to thank them. The only thing left for me is to say thanks to everyone people of Uruguay. We are a family that has always been very well treated in this country. Hopefully we can return that love in some way, from TV or by being good neighbors, “he said.

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Marcelo Tinelli on his relationship with Uruguay: “They have given us an impressive love”