Marcelo Buquet turned 60: this is how he currently looks with his wife 30 years younger

Marcelo Buquet was born in Uruguay on October 4, 1962. His acting career began in the El Galpón theater company, with which he had the opportunity to perform on multiple stages around the world. However, in 1989, he found a new home in front of the cameras.

Marcelo made his debut in the world of soap operas as Fernando Torres in ‘Simplemente María’, a melodrama starring Victoria Ruffo, with whom he would later share the screen again and even kisses on ‘The Stepmother’ (which you can watch for free on ViX).

Off camera, the Uruguayan actor found love with his wife Lorena Sotelo. Together they became parents of his son Marcel, in December 2008. Unfortunately, Buquet was not able to enjoy this family for many years: cancer struck his wife and, when his little one was 3 years old, Lorena passed away.

“It was a very frightening cancer, very tremendous, that started in his liver,” said the actor in an interview with Cadena Tres, in November 2013.

In this talk, the actor explained that his wife’s fight against cancer resulted in very hard years of treatment and even a liver transplant. However, Lorena always maintained a positive attitude until the last day of her life.

He also thanked his wife for leaving him one of the greatest blessings of his life: his son.

“She left me the blessing of having my Marcel, as my best friend, my partner, my accomplice, my everything.”

Dad and son faced life without Loreno and years later love knocked on the actor’s door with his now wife Priscila Cruz.

Marcelo Buquet found love again in Priscila Cruz

Their wedding was a private civil ceremony in Montevideo, Uruguay, the actor’s hometown. The newlyweds did not have a great reception. “We went to eat and then to a club to dance and celebrate,” Marcelo told TVNotas on December 27, 2019.

In this interview, the actor confessed how happy he felt to have found “an angel”, which was sent by his ex-wife.

“I asked Lore (RIP), Marcel’s mom, to send me a good woman and she sent me an angel. For my son she is an important figure; in fact, before we got married, Marcel always told them to his little friends: ‘Here comes my mom’… Without a doubt, she is a gift from heaven”.

The close relationship between Marcelo, his son and his wife Prix (as he affectionately calls him) is evident in each of the family photos that the actor shares on his Instagram, including the most recent shots of his double birthday celebration.

While Buquet celebrated his 60th birthday, Prix celebrated his 30th birthday.

Priscila’s interest in exercise also impacts Marcelo’s life, who to this day continues to look athletic and muscular.

At 60 years of age, it is remarkable that Marcelo enjoys his family and the many moments he can share with them.

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Marcelo Buquet turned 60: this is how he currently looks with his wife 30 years younger